Desiree and Pedro

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After giving love a break I decided to try something different or in these days “not so different ” . I entered the world of online dating. Pedro and I met in October of 2015 ironically on Halloween night . We right away hit it off and immediately became a couple . He made me believe in love again. This trip to Italy was amazing and beautiful . We toured Rome and at the end of our trip we traveled to Venice . Pedro surprised me with a balcony room right above the grand Canal . He kept asking what time I’d like to get on the gondole and I had no preference. I was taken back on how beautiful Venice was and I was just happy to be there. We eventually went on our gondole around 7pm on July 19th and Pedro immediately put his timer on his phone and set it to 30 minutes since this was the max time on the gondole. He wanted the full time on it which was funny. He looked at the timer as it hit the 20 minute mark and said “he better start going slower , we have 10 min left ” lol . He then asked the gentlemen rowing the gondole if he could take a picture of us and stood up to give him the camera . As he stood up he asked me to get up and get on the other side so that the view behind us could be captured in the picture. As I was smiling into the camera and facing our new found photographer lol , Pedro was on one knee awaiting for me to turn . When I turned to my surprise he popped the question !! I was completely surprised and shocked ! I could not be happier as he continues to make me the happiest woman on earth .

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