Desiree and Josh


How We Met

Josh and I met in high school in grade 10. He came to our school from a previous school he got expelled from because lets just say he was kind of a ‘bad boy.’ Something about him and I just clicked. We didn’t get along at first, but then all of a sudden we grew to become best friends and if you were to have asked us back then if we could see ourselves ending up together? We would have laughed and said “Ew no!” Never in a million years would we have seen each other dating let alone spending the rest of our lives together!

Over time I started to wonder if we could ever be more than just best friends and it turned out we could! Yes, I made the first move ;) …We started seeing each other, which turned into a really good relationship, which then turned into a serious relationship. 8 years went by, we graduated together, we lived in Florida, Vancouver, Calgary, and now we’re back to where we came from and started in Victoria BC. We now have a house & the most adorable puppy, and he’s still my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. We’ve always said we were meant to be, and it was fate that he came to my high school of all of the high schools in Victoria :)


how they asked

Josh and I have been together 8 years, we graduated together, traveled together, and we’ve been through hell and back. Nobody knows me better than him and I know I can say the same when it comes to knowing him the same way. I am obsessed with all things Disney and Disneyland. We’ve been to Disneyland & Disney World together before but it’s never been like this trip that he just took me on. We had been renovating our home for the last couple years and we were in need of a trip together. I had gone on a Bachelorette party in Vegas earlier in the year, where he went on the Bachelor party in Mexico. After coming home I told him we have to go to Vegas together because he would love it!

Summer rolled around, and his sister mentioned she was going to Vegas with her boyfriend and that we should come! Unfortunately timing wasn’t on our side so it turned out we weren’t able to go with them. However, being the best new sister-in-law she is, she told Josh to take me to Vegas on are own time and surprise me! So he did just that. I was STOKED, and started planning for Vegas (packing my ‘Vegas’ clothes lol.) He told me not to worry about anything, and that he was planning the entire thing. Which made me worried because he’s never even made a dinner reservation! So when it was time to head out on our Vegas trip, we got to the airport and he pulled me aside and said, “Ok, so we’re not actually going to Vegas.” He pulls out 2 Disneyland Tickets, and said, “I’m taking you to Disneyland!”

Of course it crossed my mind that he could propose, because we looked at rings at the beginning of the year and I did pick one out. But this trip was so last minute and planned in such a short amount of time that I wrote it off completely because I didn’t think he’d pull something like this off! So we get to our hotel late afternoon and we checked into (what was another surprise for me) our upgraded “Disney Princess Suite!” Everything was Disney, and it was amazing! We head over to Disneyland, and get there around dinner time, so it was kind of our night to walk around and plan out what rides we wanted to do the next day.

Now Disneyland is full of photographers which he knew about ahead of time. So we walk around the park a bit, end up in front of the Castle and I wanted to take some photos, but it was really busy at that time. (This is the part where he was originally going to propose but he chickened out the first time lol!) So we continue walking and then he says, “Lets go back to the Castle and take the photos you wanted.” We make our way back to Castle, where he had already arranged with the photographer that he was going to propose.

He hands my cell phone over to another photographer and said, “She can take pictures on your cell so you have some on your phone!” She ended up videotaping the entire thing! We’re taking pictures, the photographer is telling us how to pose, and all of a sudden Josh gets down on one knee, and popped that question that I’ve waited my whole life to hear, “Dez, will you Marry Me?”



I had NO idea that was coming! It was the ring I picked out and it was my absolute dream come true!!!


After he proposed, and I got myself together, of course I said, “YES!”


I continued to cry around Disneyland, we got some engagement photos done there, we were given these cute little pins to wear that said, “Happily Ever After” with the date.


It couldn’t have been more perfect and it was hands down the best, most memorable trip of our lives. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.