Desiree and Greg

Desiree's Proposal in Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

How We Met

We met online and talked via text and Facebook for a few days. The following Saturday we decided to meet in person. We met at a local taco shop Don Pedro’s and talked and laughed and continued to Denny’s for dessert and coffee. Little did we realize then that this friendship would turn into so much more!

how they asked

As the years went by we discovered how we both love to travel. We would take trips to the Grand Canyon, The Oregon coast, Chicago and Boston. But it was our Trip to Paris France that changed everything. When I told family and friends about our upcoming trip they all said with certainty that he would propose. This was a shock to me at first but as I let the thought sink in I secretly hoped they were right. The evening we arrived we would go to the most famous French monument, the Eiffel Tower. He was discrete at the security check point and I had no idea the little box he held in his pocket. As we made our way to the summit I was in awe of the views of the most beautiful city I had seen and only wanted to share in this moment. As I asked him “look at this wonderful view!” He was walking away almost uninterested saying “I’ll be right back.” I thought very little of his odd behavior and started snapping photos before heading to meet him around the corner where he pulled me aside out of the cold rain. It was under a sign with the history of the tower that he told me this trip would be one that would change our relationship and take it to the next level. Unsure what that meant I nodded in agreement. Then he asked “Can I ask you a serious question?” “Sure, what’s that?” As the wind blew the rain down upon us he looked me in the eyes and questioned “Will you marry me?” He opened a box with a light that shone through the darkness of the rain clouds above. I gasped clenching my hands to my face to hide the happiest of tears. “Yes! 100 times yes!” I said trying hard not to cry and hugging and kissing my new fiancé! He placed the ring on my finger and we headed around the corner to get a celebratory champagne drink. We posed for a picture to commemorate the moment and passers by asked to take our picture or stopped to congratulate us on our special moment! As we went back inside to get out of the rain we met another couple celebrating the same and we could tell that love was in the air that night! This trip, indeed, would bring our relationship to the next level as we will spend our happily ever after together! We will be married 5 years from the day that we met in that Taco Shop…8-18-18. We are, as the engraving on my beautiful ring says…”Simply Meant To Be!”

Where to Propose in Eiffel Tower, Paris, France