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We were initially at the Balboa beach to take maternity pictures. My sister was supposed to be there to help me by fixing my hair etc (my fro needs that kinda attention) so I’m asking like where is she? So “Ashley my cousin the amazing photographer” calls and says she is by the bond fire area but she’s lost so we start to walk to my sister’s location. Apparently she’s not at that spot and she is lost!

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Well, I’m pissed because this was mine and Curtis’ big day, and she wasn’t anywhere in sight! We walk 100 miles and still can’t find her. So Ashley, calls again and says Curtis can you go find them it’s getting dark. My sour ass is like punch Erica when you see her, well everyone was in on it except for me and leanah boo so we are hiking the beach at this point No it’s not uphilll but it felt like quick sand so my calf’s where on fire and felt like it was a hike lol I’m freaking out because the sun is going down it’s getting dark.

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So at this point ash calls again they tell her your almost there, I see lights my blind ass thinks it’s the back of a truck! I’m like okay ?Umm as I get close I see a beautiful walk way with candles and sea shells leading up to a shaped heart with more candles and seashell and in the middle my McDreamy was standing the set up was breath taking and so was the walk to it lol when I tell you that the only other time I felt the emotions I did at this moment was when I held my daughter aka leanah boo for the first time!

Desiree's Proposal in Balboa , Newport Beach

He got down on one knee and said remember a yr ago when I made you a promise that one day I will ask you to marry me

I said yes then his sexy ass was like will you marry me I said of course I’ll marry you then he turned around and got down on one knee for our booger (leanah boo) he had got her a ring with her birth stone in the shape of a heart and asked her leanah can I plZ marry your mom leanah says yes then lets everyone know we walk one thousand miles lol

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