Desiree and Collin

How We Met

Collin & I met in the 1st grade in a church Sunday school class (where my parents were actually the teachers!) We grew up together and our parents had always been friends. We went to junior high together then I moved to a different school for high school. Even though we were at separate schools I attended almost all of his home football games where I remember watching him from the stands — knowing there was something very different and very enamoring about him. He was so happy and so genuine. He had true joy in his heart and it radiated through his smile and his sincere love for others. I remember watching him and thinking…”wow. He’s gonna make some girl very happy one day. But there’s no way it will ever be me I doubt I’m even his type!!” It wasn’t until the week before he transferred colleges that we started dating (he FINALLY asked me out). He started going to school for football in Illinois and I stayed in California working as a Kindergarten teacher and piano teacher. It wasn’t until after his final season/semester in Illinois before graduating and leaving for Atlanta to train when he popped the question… IMG_0319

how they asked

It was a regular Tuesday afternoon coming home from work believing Collin was thousands of miles away in Atlanta beginning his training for the NFL combines. I was beginning to start the afternoon and get ready to head out to my piano lessons when both families cancelled on me. This wasn’t too out of the ordinary so I didn’t think too much about it! I happen to be best buds with Collin’s two sisters, Natalie and Christina and Natalie happened to be coming home from a 6 week trip that evening so we decided to go out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant close by. Looking back now, I can’t help but laugh at the little subtle hints that took place at that dinner. It took longer than normal, my sisters kept repeatedly getting up to use the restroom because they were having “stomach issues”, they ate at a snails pace, ate hardly anything, and were trying their absolute hardest to act normal. The girls drove me home from dinner and when I got home I walked through the front door into the kitchen calling for my mom to tell her I was home. I put my purse down on the kitchen island and started chatting with my mom when the next thing I know I’m being pushed out the door that leads to the backyard where I immediately looked out and saw a trail of candles and rose pedals. My head started spinning and my heart JUMPED. I barely remember what was going through my head at the time…”is this a dream?… Is this for someone else?… This can’t be Collin’s doing he’s all the way in Atlanta… or is he???” I looked down the long, dim lit, romantic trail of candles and saw at the end the silhouette of the man I knew I wanted to spend forever with waiting for me at the end. I finally reach him and the next thing I know, he gets down on one knee, said words I will never forget and asked me to be his Bride. Of course I said YES!!!!

After sharing a glass of champagne and soaking everything in just the two of us, Collin told me to look up into the window that was my parent’s room where I saw both our families break out in a HUGE celebration. The next thing I knew, I was greeted with hundreds of hugs, lots of screaming and tears of joy. Throughout the night, my best friends spontaneously arrived (Collin had invited them a few days prior… sneaky man!!!) and shortly after that, both our Dad’s gave a heartfelt toast toward our future. It was the most amazing day of my life leading up to our wedding day. The planning, the sincerity and the LOVE made it a night we will never ever forget.

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