Desiree Hartsock + Chris Seigfried Share Their TV Proposal

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Never in a million years did I imagine to meet a man with such confidence and love in his heart. From the moment Chris and I had our first conversation there was a calmness and comfort I had never felt with anyone else I had dated before. He was quirky yet charming and his ability to be himself made me love him more and more each time we saw each other. Chris was never shy about how he felt towards me and that was something I was never used to in past relationships so it was something to get used to but also what set him apart and made him so very special to me. Each time Chris and I would hang out he would surprise me with something new, and the fact that we shared an interest in poetry made us even closer.

The fact that Chris and I could feel comfortable being ourselves right away, have great conversation (funny and serious), play sports together, and always stay in the moment made it feel like I had known him forever, like we were high school sweethearts. Chris is everything I could ever wish for as the father of my children, husband and best friend. That is why there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him when he got down on one knee to propose.

There was so much I wanted to say to Chris before he proposed to me and unlike most proposals I had the opportunity to prepare for anything. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and that I wanted to grow old together! Through thick and thin.

As Chris walked up to me, I couldn’t help but have a smile from ear to ear. He looked SO handsome and nervous that I wanted to run right up to him and kiss him! He looked so nervous that for a second I got worried but once he started talking I felt at ease and in that moment like we were the only two people in the world. In the middle of talking Chris grabbed my face and laid a heavy kiss on me that I will never forget. When he got down on his knee, I was so enwrapped in the moment I almost forgot to even look at the ring.

His proposal was the happiest day of my life and a moment I will cherish for eternity. I will always remember his leg shaking, eyes twinkling, and words said that changed our lives forever. I am so lucky to have Chris in my life and am grateful for everyday that I get to spend with him. I can’t wait to marry him and begin another chapter of our lives together.

Chris’s story of the proposal:

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be with Desiree for the rest of my life. She was and is the best woman I have ever met inside and out, and I knew that if she were to say “yes,” we were going to continue something great together.
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The night before I proposed to Des might have been the most nerve-racking night of my life. I was confident in what Des and I shared together, all of our experiences and our journey to get to know each other, but there was the slight possibility that she may not have been as ready as I was at the time. I stayed up all night trying to figure out what I wanted to tell her; I already knew what I wanted to ask her. To me it was more than just asking her if she would marry me. I truly wanted her to know that I was committed to her and to sharing my life with her, growing old together, having a family and raising children together, building and working on a long lasting relationship until we were 104 years old! She was and is the one for me and I knew it.

After getting about five hours of sleep I woke up the next morning to take a walk on the beach as the sun was rising. I needed to be by myself and just think about everything that was going on and what was about to happen. As I sat there in the sand and looked out over the Caribbean, an excitement came over me! I was fully ready to embark on a new life together with Desiree.

When I walked up to her, all I could think at that moment was how beautiful she looked and how lucky I would be if she were to say yes. As I stood in front of her and recalled all the moments we shared together, I couldn’t help but notice how nervous I was and how my legs would not stop shaking! She looked so amazing and she was so poised. She too wanted to say a few words and while it caught me off guard at first, I could see that look in her eye that told me she wanted to be with me for the rest of our lives.

As I got down on one knee I wanted to make sure I said her entire name…and not drop the ring as I pulled it out of my pocket. Then the words came out, “Desiree Eileen Hartsock- will you marry me?” She said yes, my heart stopped beating 200 miles per hour and I gave her the most memorable kiss and hug I will ever share with her, well maybe the second most memorable once we get married. I was and am the happiest guy in the world and am so lucky Des and I found each other, even if it was on tv! Image 3 of Desiree Hartsock + Chris Seigfried Share Their TV Proposal

Life after the Proposal:

Seattle is such a wonderful place to live and after being long distance for about 3 months I decided to move here from California to be with Chris. If we wanted our relationship to work we knew that we would have to begin it together in the same place and start fresh. Chris’s poetry has always been important to him since it was an outlet during his years playing baseball. To put his poems together in a memoir was an accomplishment of his that he always wanted to do and I’m so proud of all of his work. You can find the poetry book “Diamonds & Hearts” at

Also since I have been in the bridal industry for a long time and aspire to design my own gown collection, I have started a bridal blog that gives wedding advice, trends, ideas and pictures of real weddings to gain inspiration. My website is and is also a place for updates on upcoming projects. We look forward to planning our wedding and also sharing that experience with everyone. Being engaged is such a wonderful time as a couple and both of us are enjoying the moments leading up to that big day.

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