Desirea and Justin

Desirea and Justin's Engagement in Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL

How We Met

Our parents grew up together and went to school together so they were really good friends. We met when I was 8 years old when we moved back to Hoxie. My parents took us over to their house to meet them for the first time! That’s when I first met him! He was 12 years old! I never thought anything of it (of course I was 8, who would?) we went over there all the time and rode four wheelers and I always stayed the night with his sister. Long story short when I was 13 we kinda had a thing. It didn’t last long but there was chemistry there. After our little break up we didn’t talk for 5 years!

Some random day he added me on Facebook and I had a picture of me in a Memphis grizzlies (NBA) shirt. Which happened to be one of his favorite teams! He commented on my picture something about the team. After 5 years of not talking (LOL) I thought it was a little strange but I was going to be nice so I commented back and we just started talking from there. This was in February of 2013. We made it official in April of 2013! Fast forward 4 amazing years together later, he proposed on March 7th, 2017!

how they asked

Ever since I was a little girl my one dream in life was to swim with dolphins. I never wanted anything more. Justin & I have been together for 4 years. We decided to take a vacation and a 14 hour drive to Orlando to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins (DREAMS COME TRUE) Little did I know he had a little more planed than I expected and proposed to me by one! We were in the water for our group swim, we did the dolphin swim and all that and then came time for group pictures and couple pictures.

Well when it was over everyone exited the pool and the photographer asked us to stay because “our pictures were blurry and didn’t look good” after our picture retakes the dolphin trainers said “since you are already in here do you want to help us train the dolphin and play a little game with her?” Of course I said yes! Again I was ecstatic! Getting to spend more time with the dolphin?! YES PLEASE. Well In that moment she said ” there is a buoy down there, I’m going to send the dolphin down there to get it and she will bring it to you just stand there and hold your hands out” so I did.

And here comes the dolphin with this buoy that says “Desirea will you marry me?” After that was over they led us out of the water where they waited for us with towels on the beach, they led us around the corner where they had this cute tablecloth Serb up and that’s where he got down on one knee and proposed. I have never felt so much overwhelming joy in my life.

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