Ricardo and Desirae

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How We Met

How did we meet? Oh BOY! lol where does one begin? Shall I tell the truth or give you a quick synopsis hahhaha…Well…. if one must know all the juicy details I will just go out there and say it lol ahaha.

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We met when we were 14 years old at his ex girlfriends Quincerea ahaahha. 4 years later He stalked me on Facebook at 18 years old and asks to go on one date with me and i reluctantly said ..sureeee… he had a badboy reputation and I was raised in a faith based home so to date a fella like him was very risky, yet something about him was striking and genuine. He came over and asked my dad permission to take me out to some ice cream and a move and well .. The rest is history lol

One month of dating December 3, 2010 after dinner on our way to a comedy show :)

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3 years dating and we were in Redlands, Ca and the same photographer from our engagement caught this candid pic of us in 2013. Here we are at 24 years old STILL madly smitten by one another <3

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how they asked

I must say that the past 5.5 years with my handsome Ricardo has indeed been remarkable! He is INDEED a charmer and a true gentlemen since the first day I went on a date with him. Since November 2010, he has pampered me and taken me on phenomenal dates. Now keep in mind after 3 years of dating and no ring…. I believe it is safe to say , “a gal forgets about the.. maybe one day he will ask the question.” hahahah

As we approached our 4th year and then into our 5th year, we both entered new places in our lives as far as our careers, finances, faith and living arrangements. One thing that stood true since the very beginning was our Unconditional Love for one another.

So here it goes.. the story that will forever be shared with our loved ones and future children about how this young man swept me off my feet and left me speechless and shaking from the joy and excitement. :)

On August 12, 2016 I was getting for bed and I received a text from my boyfriend that had a list of things to pack, including the dress he had bought me earlier that week. In this text, he mentioned not to worry about doing my makeup or hair and to dress comfortably because on August 13, 2016 he had a full day of adventures planned for us. He stated that we would be going to a fancy restaurant and that where we were going would provide me the time to change out of my day clothes and into the nice dress he had bought me for that evening. :)

On Saturday August 13,2016 I woke up bright and early to my dad telling me to get up and get ready because my boyfriend was on his way! I jumped up and completely ignored the lists he texted me the night before! As I was getting ready, I threw on a dress and Indeed did put on makeup and did my hair [like what gal wouldn’t get ready when their boo says he has a day plan for them lol]. I got dressed and grabbed the dress he bought me and a bunch of heels and then there it was THE DOORBELL RANG! I ran to the door frantic because I been with this fella for over 5 years and I know how much he dislikes when I am not ready ahahahah. We loaded up the car and we took off! :)

Now we are in the car and I am putting on my sandals and finishing my mascara as we head to our “adventures.” He looks at me and says, “I told you not to worry about your makeup, you look beautiful without it.” I smiled and said “I am girl lol!” Now we get on the freeway and I was confused because I had no clue where we were going! He then asked me to guess what we were going to do today and I immediately threw out all these wild crazy ideas because in the past years we have dated he would pick me up and take me to random places and it would always be something wild and unexpected. So with that in mind, I started throwing out all these wild ideas and he smiled and said “NO DEZ,” and laughed hysterically.

As we excited the freeway, he says to me ” first stop of the day, I want you to go on Pinterest & Look up nail designs.” I had this huge grin because I was just smitten by him and thought it was so thoughtful. We walked in and I was ready for just anyone to take me and he specifically yelped the best person in the city we were in and had a timed appointment with the best nail technician. :) He got a pedicure too <3

Now onto our next appointment he says and I was like “WAIT There’s MORE?” I thought we for sure were going to eat at this point and he says “Nope, I have a day of pampering for you as your late birthday present!” I was overwhelmed with audrenaline and excitment because I made it very clear to him that for my 24th bday [was on 8/6/16] that all i wanted was to spend time with my loved ones and he said “you are 24 now and I want you to feel like a queen.” Needless to say… HE did make me feel like a queen all day!

So here we are onto our next adventure and we are heading in a completely opposite direction now and I was just lost as to what direction we were going to. Afterall he said dinner reservations for that evenig was at 7pm and we couldn’t be late. We pull up to a hair salon and he says “Go on Pinterests and look up a dinner hairstyles.”

Talk about complete butterflies!!! First a mani and pedi and NOW a Haircut and Style <3 <3 He is such a charmer.

We then leave the hair salon and I am feeling fabulous and ask him the very important question every gal asks when they are with thier significant others… “can we go eat now?” He says NOPE, I have 2 more surprise appointments for you.. then we will go to he restaurant. :D

Onto the next destination we go. Once again in another direction about 20 minutes from the hair salon. At this point I have just given up on trying to figure where this “surprise fancy dinner restaurant,” is LOL.

There we are, at a scheduled makeup appointment at MAC. He says “Go back on Pinterests and pick a FULL GLAM makeup look you want for dinner tonight as we celebrate your 24th Birthday just us two.” <3

Ladies I am just beside myself and smiling from ear to ear :)) We then pickout some earings and change at a public bathroom into our evening outfits because I noticed we were running behind for our dinner reservation. 0_o

We jumped in the car and I begin to get frantic because we were running so behind on our dinner reservation he gracefully grabs my hand and says relax and please dont freak out….. I was very confused. He grabs a scarf and mask and BLINDFOLDS ME IN THE CAR!!!!!! [Oh nooooo hunntttyyyy we just did full glam and my hair did is what I was thinking ahahaha]

We drive off and hes talking to me the whole way bc I am still panicking that we are late for dinner and apparantly this dinner reservation was 45 mins away and we wouldn’t be allowed to get seated if we were late and the day was going so perfect I was frantic that we would get to the restaurant and be turned away because we were late :(

The car stops and he says “Were here, I got your phone and I am going to guide you inside and I just NEED YOU TO TRUST ME.”

I replied to him “I trust you.” As I walked my 6inch heels sunk into the ground and threw off my balance and my heart was racing and I was still trying to figure out what restaurant we were at that was outdoors with dirt ahahah. He asked me to take a big step and I did.

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[ I thought to myself, wow that was the most graceful step i ever have done in 6 inch heels lol]


The LOUDEST SURPRISEEEEEE I have ever heard in my life and I was soooo scared!!! I jumped so far back hahahah As i made a cautious effort to adjust my eyes to the light [from being blindfolded the whole ride] I remember seeing seas and rows of family I hadn’t seen in months and childhood friends all flashing pictures and smiling so BIG!

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My eyes were fixated on the crowd for a good 2 minutes as I took in the surprise and seen everyone of my loved ones there and I turned my shoulder to see what was on the walls as far as the decorations and then it HIT ME!!! Its a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY !!! :D


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WILL YOU MARRY ME? I was speechless and couldn’t believe it! I began cryng just as much as he was and I couldn’t even speak and I nodded my head saying YES!!!

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Then I saw my NOW fiance’s mother take down a black sheet and revealed a hidden banner that said ” SHE SAID YES!” Apparently everyone was there for a “surprise birthday party” for me and the ONLY ONE’S who Knew it was a SURPRISE PROPOSAL was my DAD and INLAWS!

Everyone was in tears and just as surprised and there I was replaying all our years together in my head and smiling and crying as our amazing friends serenaded us in the background to our favorite love songs for that past 5.5 years. <3

And so there is our first page of our “ever after!” I cannot wait to marry my fiance Ricardo Ramirez and start this marvelous journey together! <3

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With all my love, Desirae soon to be Mrs. Ramirez.

The Next Day we celebrated at our church and this was the picture they took of us the day after the proposal <3

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Special Thanks

Matt Kjorvestad
 | Photography
Lidor Sai
 | Entertainment
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