Desirae and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met about two years ago when I was about 6 months Into carrying my best friends baby as her surrogate. We worked at the same company and first met up right after had moved on to his next business venture. He had no idea I was pregnant and I wasn’t looking to meet anyone. But to my surprise and delight, he was ok with the fact that I was carrying this baby for someone else. He helped me throughout the whole thing and even never left my side. Due to complications from the delivery I had to have a partial hysterectomy and even with all that he stuck by my side and never left. I love him for everything that he is in my life.

How They Asked

Matt had gifted me with a trip to Santa Barbara for Christmas because he knew that I have never been there. We got there around 3 pm and he had told me that our room wasn’t ready so we need to go and take a walk to the beach. Never second guessing anything we took off and walked to the pier and sat down on one of the benches and he got on one knee and he asked me to be his wife! The simplicity of the whole thing is what made me the happiest.

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