Design Your Own Wedding Ring with Brian Gavin Diamonds

We all know engagement ring shopping is one of the top 5 best activities out there (also included: cuddling with puppies and watching Sex and the City Marathons on E!). But ring shopping can be tough when you simply can’t decide between the few different styles you love. Enter: your very own custom engagement ring.

What you might not know about custom ring making is that the cost can be the same, if not less, than what you try on in stores. To help us understand how easy (and fun!) it is to design your own engagement ring, we spoke with Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Brian is a fifth-generation diamond cutter and master of creating “Hearts and Arrows” diamonds, a term which describes the visual effect achieved in a round diamond with perfect optical symmetry and angles. He is also the creator of a special diamond line called Brian Gavin Blue™. Not to be confused with blue colored diamonds, the “Blue” is for blue fluorescence, only seen under UV-light. Brian makes sure that the blue fluorescence positively affects the diamond making it appear whiter than its true color grade!

Here’s some of his work….

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And now on to the design process… (note: this is the process Brian Gavin takes, and while it might be similar to other custom ring designers, the information below is based off the unique way his team works!)

Step 1: Concept

It all begins with your idea or concept. You can use pictures, your own drawings, or simply share what’s in your creative head! Sharing your engagement ring Pinterest board is also always a great idea in my book. Then, step-by-step with the designer, you carefully shape and refine the original idea into a stunning, original engagement ring.

Step 2: Quote

Based on the concept, you’ll receive a detailed quote of the cost – which includes the design, your stones, and the metal… essentially, the cost of the finished product!

Step 3: Approval and Payment

When you’re ready to green light your dream ring, approve the quote and send in your payment.

Step 4: CAD Model

Using your initial concept, a three-dimensional CAD model is designed to show you, in detail, what your final creation will look like. The model is e-mailed to you for your review and approval. Here’s how amazingly detailed a CAD model looks (here’s what the real ring looks like):

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Step 5: Design Approval

You can make modifications and adjustments to the design based on any feedback from your review of the CAD model. Once you sign off on the design, production is started.

Step 6: Wax Model and Production

A wax model is created based on the CAD model. The wax model is milled using state-of-the-art, computer-aided milling equipment and is then cleaned by hand. Next, skilled craftsmen cast and finish your jewelry.

Step 7: Completion and Delivery

Your finished piece is carefully inspected, photographed, and signed by Brian Gavin, and a set of “Glamour Shots” is e-mailed to you as well! Your package is then shipped via FedEx overnight delivery, wearable the next day!

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For more information on custom engagement ring designing, head on over to Brian Gavin Diamonds. You’ll also see hundreds of beautiful designs that you might just fall in love with as well!