Desi and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met our freshman year in high school. From what I knew about him was he was extremely quiet, and played sports. At that time I had yet to learn how to open the lock on my locker. Everyday after health Tyler would be chivalrous enough, and meet me at my locker to open it for me. We became best friends. Towards the end of our freshman year we exchanged yearbooks to sign. I signed his the usual “Have a great summer, see you soon” but when I went to look at what he wrote in mine I was surprised to find the words that were there. Tyler wrote, “Desi, you may not know it yet, but are going to date, and you will be my wife one day”. We were fifteen years old, but after those sweet words I have been swooning ever since. Summer break came to an end and we reunited in the halls of our high school, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Tyler and I have been long distance for quite sometime now. After high school, we went our separate ways for college. We have missed a copious amount of birthdays, and holidays only getting to face time one another. This year was the first time we were finally in the same state for my birthday, but still living in separate cities two hours away, we could not spend the day together. Despite all of that, Tyler planned a weekend trip for my friends and I to visit him in Temecula for wine tasting. Let me just say, I had NO idea that this proposal was in the works. I did not think too much into it, and planned my outfits for the weekend. Little did I know all of my best friends, family, and boyfriend were scheming.

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We started the day at Tyler’s aunts house, catching up with one another, and eating cheese (my favorite). We had planned to visit 3 wineries that day, so we started our journey to the first one Miramonte, home of the best sangria. As soon as we walked in we ordered out pitchers of sangria, and went to find a spot to enjoy it. As we opened the doors Tyler and I were admiring the beautiful day, and were scoping out the best area. All of a sudden, he stopped walking and dropped to his knee. I was so confused! I began to look around me and saw his entire family sitting in the cabana accompanied by my family!

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All of whom said they had plans that day. I kept saying, “You’re joking!”. I honestly feel like I blacked out from being so happy, and he was so nervous he forgot to even talk. I could not stop crying teas of joy. That day, among all of our family, and our friends, we got engaged. I am over the moon, and cannot contain my excitement. Being apart from your lover is difficult to get through, but our love was stronger than the distance. I get to show our future children that yearbook entry from 2009, and say “Your father knew all along”. Five years of nothing but love, our story is my favorite story .We are so blessed to have found each other so early in our lives. I get to marry my high school sweetheart! ,

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