DeShonta and Nafisul

How We Met

We met briefly in passing through a mutual friend in 2012 while I was on spring break in Miami, FL. We were already friends on Instagram and Facebook I believe. Almost a year later he noticed that I was sad because of all my Instagram post were sad and he wanted to do something nice for me. So he sent flowers to my job anonymously. I did a little investigating and found out It was him who sent the flowers. We then exchanged numbers and a month later we decided to make It official.

how they asked

A few months before the proposal I was told we were going to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend and that It was going to be a formal dinner. So I was told I needed to dress up. The night of the “dinner” I got dressed with my best friend and we were off to the city. As were walking up I see that everyone’s singing happy birthday to the birthday girl! I’m so embarrassed that I’m late so I walk slyly towards the back of the group and as I stand there trying to not be noticed everyone starts staring at me and I see these signs go up but I couldn’t figure out what was happening until I saw the words marry. Then I see him and he’s holding a sigh that says me!!!

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