Deshani and Nikhil

Image 1 of Deshani and Nikhil

A plan that was brewing for 4 months, being in a long distance relationship teaches one a lot lessons in life, but most importantly that when the opportunity arises, always make it memorable. The love shared between us is unlike no other. An Amazing Race theme ensued as that sums up our life: an Amazing Race. Clues were handed to her company in Johannesburg where they disguised it as a company initiation. All events were recorded on video so the challenge seemed credible. After the first dance, the lovely Deshani and her colleague ventured out into Johannesburg to locate a flag at restaurant where another challenge ensued. Once completed, they were given 2 train tickets to the airport. Once there, they had to present themselves at the counter to receive a ticket. At the counter, the clerks tricked them to say that they would be going off to Mauritius if they had their passports. Seeing that they didn’t, only one participant would be heading off to Durban. Once in Durban, the cameraman disguised as a colleague from her company picked her up at the airport with his own “clue”. They then had to locate a car in the airport parking lot where they were handed a new clue stating that they had to locate the “Sails” in Durban-a building at our waterfront. Once there, she had to use the transport provided to locate a flag on the building and take a picture of it from her cellphone. Once she got to the site, she got on a gondola where the gondolier and her fiance were dressed in robes. Once they set sail, and her back turned, he got down on not one, but both knees to ask her the question he had in his heart for more than he could remember…she didn’t say yes but her actions said it all…

Photo by Lotus Photography