Desha and Dj

how they asked: It happened on July 4th 2015 which my now fiancé DJ knew was a very special day for my family. On this day we celebrate my grandparents anniversary because they were married 70 years before they went to glory. My mother, brother, and DJ invited a lot of family but also friends. It was a lot of people setting up and also getting dressed at my house so my mom said my cousin was going to come get me so I could get dressed at her house.

My cousin came to get me and my best friend rode with us as well. After we got dressed we got in the car, I was told to put on a blind fold because my mom had a surprise for me. We got back to my house, I was walked around to my back yard when I was told to lift up my blind fold. DJ told me to look around and there was not only my immediate family but his also. There was a huge Eiffel Tower because I love Paris and always wanted to be proposed to there.

Image 1 of Desha and Dj

They managed to get my childhood friends from Balitmore, college friends, co workers from Va Beach, and my other best friend from Kansas! My answer was HELL YES!