Derrek and Alexandra

Proposal Ideas 30,000 Ft in the sky over the Caribbean

How We Met

University sweethearts since 2009, but best friends since 2007. Alex and I have explored the world together, traveling over 150,000 miles to 6 continents and nearly 40 counties.

When deciding to propose, I felt with our nomadic, wanderlust lives, it was only fitting to propose in the air! Our song has always been “Grow Old With You”, so I thought I would put the two ideas together and coordinate with Westjet to propose on our flight to Mexico.

Good thing she said yes, as it would have made for an extremely awkward flight and vacation!

How They Asked

We were 2 hours from the end of our flight and it was time! I met up with the flight attendants in the middle of the plane and prepared for one of the biggest moments of my life. They turned on the seatbelt sign so everyone sat down, and started to play “growing old with you” over the intercom. I walked down the aisle to Alex, singing our song to her as she looked at me with surprise. Once the song finished, the whole plane was clapping, I got down on one and proposed… she said YES!!! Champagne and tears followed, and it goes down as the best flight we’ve ever had.

Derrek and Alexandra's Engagement in 30,000 Ft in the sky over the Caribbean

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