Morgan and Derek

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How We Met

Derek and I met the summer going into our senior year of high school. He had been working at the local Kmart for almost two years and I was coming in as a new hire.

Although we both agree we don’t exactly remember the first time meeting one another, being 17 and ready to conquer the world (and make some of our own money) kick started our friendship and ultimately our love story.

Fast forward 9 months later and our first “date” happened without either of us really knowing. Derek, a mutual friend of ours, and I had plans to catch a baseball game at none other than the best ballpark around, Wrigley Field.

When our friend learned he wouldn’t be able to make it at the very last minute, Derek and I found ourselves sitting in the bleachers under two gigantic umbrellas trying to brave almost freezing April winds.

All I have to say is thank you, dear friend, for having something to do that day because it was in that very moment that I found my best friend.

how they asked

Before I get to the good stuff, a month prior to booking our vacation to Toronto, Canada, I received a fortune cookie that read, “Travelling to the east will bring you great rewards.” Boy, were they right.

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Thursday, December 1st, 2016. It was around 11:30am when Derek and I arrived in Toronto, Canada at the Grand Hotel and Suites on Jarvis Street and man, they weren’t lying when they said “grand”.

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Both starving, we ate a quick lunch in our room before I did some last minute touch ups to my hair. Finally, we were ready to explore the city. We had plans to walk to the Distillery District (also known as Old Town) and I was super anxious to get there.

They had what looked like the same Christkindl Market Chicago has, but on steroids. Quick side note- I had very detailed plans for each day of our trip to ensure we get to the most major tourist attractions ,so I was big on sticking to the schedule.

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Little did I know Derek had much more of an input on this trip than I would have ever imagined.

So, my coats zipped, hats on, and my boots are tied when I ask Derek to get out of the bed so we can finally leave. Instead of getting up he asks, “Are you sure you have everything?” When I reply with a simple “yes” he asks me one more time, “Are you sure you have everything?”, this time stressing the word sure.

A little more impatient, I respond with a louder “yes!” I was convinced he was trying to buy time to finish up a game of Bejeweled. When he didn’t get up, I began walking toward the door (hoping he’d follow) when I hear him say, “Wait, there’s one more thing.”

When I turn around there he is; on one knee, ring in hand, voice trembling while he whispers, “Will you marry me?” My heart dropped to my stomach and I let out a huge scream. Thank goodness we were alone.

We spent the rest of that night walking around the Distillery District going in and out of little shops set up in the market. This time, telling one another “I love you” a little more often and holding hands a whole lot tighter because it just felt better with a ring on it.

Image 6 of Morgan and Derek

The next morning is when it all hit. I was going to be Mrs. Derek Brongiel sooner than later. For the remainder of our weekend spent together, everything around us looked so much more beautiful- the sunrise, and even our chocolate cake because soon we would have everything.Soon, we would have one another forever.

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