Derek and Mitchell

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It all started off with me surprising Derek for his birthday in August with a trip to Paris. Since I knew he was on tour with “So You Think You Can Dance” and only had that one week off at New Years, I knew I wanted to take him somewhere special. Paris also happened to be the place where I wanted to get engaged so it was perfect! Next I had to plan out how we can capture the moment without seeming suspicious. I asked my best friend Lisa to gift us a photo shoot in Paris for christmas. Derek didn’t read into anything and was really exciting about the shoot to capture his first time in Europe. Once we arrived to Paris I had everything set with with “Flytographer” Goncalo (who was amazing). With the eiffel tour in the background, Derek eyes were wandering as we starting the shoot, a perfect time for me to get down on one knee.

As he was looking the other way I looked up to Derek and said his name. He instantly looked down, but didn’t know if I was joking or not. He also jokes about us getting engaged, and I always joke about proposing, so it took him a second to realize this was the real thing. I began speaking telling him that I have never felt so comfortable with anyone in my entire life, and that was when I knew he was the one. I finished it with me saying that he was my best friend, soulmate and then asked if he will marry me. After that it was a constant smiling session from ear to ear for the rest of the shoot. We then went to historical landmarks such as “The Louvre” to finish our engagement shoot. The day was perfect, and I truly believe its because I found the perfect guy, who I know get to call my fiancé and spend the rest of my life with <3

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