Derek and Laura

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How We Met

Laura and I first met on a dating website long time ago. We were a match, according to the website. But we wanted to make sure to take things slow and get to know each other. So over time for the next three years we became friends. Then we became best friends. And you can kind of see it progressed further to dating until this one special day.

how they asked

I am a skydiver on the weekends. Just a little something to help me relax from time to time. I first took Laura skydiving for her birthday two years ago and I thought what better way to propose than to do it skydiving! I convinced Laura to jump for her second time. Little did she know what was in the works. We went to the drop zone where I typically go and I got her ready. When the time came, we loaded into the plane and flew up into the sky. We jumped and i was able to land first since she was attached to someone else doing a tandem jump. When I arrived at the bottom, i had secretly had her family come to the same location so they could see everything happening. Laura landed and I went over to see her and got down on one knee and proposed. With tears in her eyes from disbelief she said YES! thats when her family and our friends joined us for the celebration.

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