Deon and Deborah

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How We Met

Deb & I first met in 2017 during the admitted student weekend for students deciding on which graduate school to commit to. We attended a lot of business events, conferences, brunches, and dinners together because we shared mutual friends. I still remember eagerly asking her to tutor me in statistics so I could spend time with her.

A year later, I took her on a date and asked her to be my girlfriend. Despite graduating a year before her because she was enrolled in a dual master’s program, I would always travel 6 hours to and fro to see her. Our relationship and love grew stronger over time. To celebrate our birthdays every year, we plan an international trip for each other. This year she planned a birthday trip for me to Saint Lucia and had no idea I was planning to propose to her!

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How They Asked

I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was the day before my birthday and we had finished an ATV tour. I told her to get ready and that we would be heading to a popular dinner restaurant even though we were really headed to the resort. The resort was decorated with flowers and candles in the shape of a heart with the LOVE marquee lights. There was also a perfect view of the pitons in the background.

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Once we arrived at the resort, I blindfolded her and told her that I was taking her to see the view of the pitons at the resort. I guided her up the stairs and into the resort, took the blindfold off when we arrived and she was in awe! She loved the view and the setup and was so surprised that she didn’t see it coming. I proceeded to tell her how much she meant to me and that there was nothing else I would want for my birthday than to know I would be spending it with my future wife. She said yes!!

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We celebrated with some champagne, a great dinner, facetime calls to our loved ones, and the perfect view of the pitons.

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Special Thanks

The Heart Bandits
 | Planning
Soul O Bliss
 | Photographer