Denorio and Enedine

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How We Met

Two years ago I met Enedine at Genghis Grill restaurant parking lot located in Augusta, GA. After 30 minutes of parking lot conversation, we both went inside for dinner. We talked for another two hours and she stated that she was a Travel Nurse and that she was only in Augusta, GA, for two more weeks before she was moving to Atlanta, GA, for another travel assignment. I still decided to pursue her although she was leaving and moving two hours away. Enedine stated that she was not looking for anything serious at that moment as she was traveling and focusing on her career. I still decided to pursue her. Long days and long nights of the phone conversation, I persuaded Enedine to take another nursing contract in Augusta, GA. She took my offer and from that day Enedine and I never looked back. I knew she was my future wife from the first time I saw her. Enedine is from Haiti, but her family now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. Enedine always wanted her family there so I didn’t have a choice but to make her moment special. Therefore, I decided to do my engagement proposal in Miami Beach, Florida.

How They Asked

The proposal was a total secret. I invited Enedine to Versace Villa in Miami and proposed to her right there. She didn’t expect this to happen and was really shocked. She said, “YES,” and I hope, we’ll be getting married soon!

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Special Thanks

Mary Komarova
 | Photographer
PRC Cloud Nine
 | Planning