Dennesse and Jester

How We Met

Jester and I met in college. At the time he was studying sociology, which would later change to respiratory therapy and I was doing my prerequisites for nursing school. I remember constantly passing his group of friends whom would play music on guitars and ukuleles and sing in between classes. Eventually one of his friends asked if I’d like to join them while waiting for my classes to start and I couldn’t decline. Their energy was always so high and fun. They all became very good friends of mine. At this time, MySpace was a still a thing so I’d added all the new people that I met. Of course, posted on my profile was my AIM username and shortly after I get a pop up from jester himself. He introduced himself because we never talked much in person but he was kind and polite, not at all creepy like some guys can get online. This slowly led to us hanging out every day and instant messaging each other every night. We were inseparable.

how they asked

My fiance and I are huge Disney fans. We never started out that way. We were best friends before we even started dating and we did everything together but never strayed far from San Diego.

A couple years after dating we decided to go to Disneyland for my 24th birthday. It was our first big trip together away from home. A mini vacation to get away from everyday life. After one trip, we were hooked on our new getaway spot and got annual passes. We started going to celebrate big milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and even Valentines day. Disneyland was our home away from home.

We’d always talk about getting married eventually and knew we wanted to start our lives together but there was no way my conservative parents would let me get married without finishing nursing school. There were many “promise rings” and serious talks but I was very adamant about graduating first and finding a stable job.

Fast forward, we’d been going out for almost 7 years. Jester had been very patient (he deserves an award). I had just graduated nursing school, passed my board exams, gotten my license and found a job all within a couple months! Jester was kind and loving enough to plan a week away at Walt Disney World to celebrate all my accomplishments and our upcoming anniversary! Our first ever trip together out of state and somewhere we knew would be very special to us, I knew a proposal was coming. But after many elbow nudges and winks, he sits me down to have a serious conversation. He wanted me to know that as much as he wanted to propose to me and that he knew I was expecting a proposal, there simply would not be one, especially on this trip. He wanted to get me my dream ring, rose gold with some sort of halo, but he financially could not do it. With a big trip he just paid for I simply told him I understood and didn’t bother him much more after that.

April 29, 2017, came by quickly and all I could think about were the sights we were going to see and the food we were going to eat. We made sure to make reservations at all the places we wanted to try, especially the rooftop California Grill with fireworks view for our anniversary on the last day of our trip. We took a red-eye flight from California to Florida and didn’t sleep a wink due to the excitement. We arrived around 8 am and was told our rooms would not be available until midday.

We were not prepared for the heat. We drove around the property to see where we can go, animal kingdom was the first place on out to-dos, with plans to see Art of Animation resort afterwards (The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite movie and there was a huge statue of Ariel I wanted to see). After a couple of hours, we get a text saying our room was ready a lot earlier than we expected. We hurried out of the park to get out of the 100-degree heat and drove towards our hotel at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. He asked if I wanted to stop by the Ariel statue but I was just too exhausted and hot to try. We got to our hotel which was a beautiful corner room overlooking the waterway with a view of Hollywood studios where we’d later be able to watch fireworks. I couldn’t be happier. I collapsed onto our bed and instantly knocked out while Jester unpacked his things.

Where to Propose in Walt Disney World

Next thing I know there was a small tap on my arm. I opened my eyes to see Jester on the floor next to his suitcase and a small wooden box in his hands, a treasure box! “I have a surprise for you”, he told me with a small grin. All I could think was, “an anniversary present? But I don’t have anything for you yet.” I opened the box and inside were 3 very familiar items if you’ve seen The Little Mermaid: A snarfblat (a pipe) and a thingamabob (a corkscrew) and a dinglehopper (a fork) complete with a bent and broken prong. It wasn’t until I saw the lid that I realized it read, “Will you be part of my world?” and Ariel admiring a small ring in a box. I looked up at Jester and he had been on one knee with a small purple seashell in his hands. He simply asked, “Dennesse Ecijan Minas, will you marry me?” and opened up the shell to show the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. According to him, all I could blurt out was “Really?? We’re getting married?!” before hugging him and crying hysterically. He asked again to which I excitedly nodded yes.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

He told me he wanted to take me to Art of Animation because he wanted to do the proposal in front of the price Eric statue that was there but I couldn’t ask for a better proposal. Just the 2 of us together. There was no camera set up or photographer hiding but we did take pictures in front of the Boardwalk Inn and later in front of the castle.

Disney will always be special to us and while we won’t be getting married at Disneyland, we did do our engagement pictures there to capture some magic.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

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