Denna and Adrian

Where to Propose in Coffs Harbour

How We Met

Adrian and I met in 2016 at a house party. When he walked in I instantly thought he looked really cute. He ended up being an absolute drunk mess and tried to wipe his face on my towel and refused to hand over his glasses when I put him to bed. It was hilarious. We ran into each other on and off at different events as we shared mutual friends. Our first kiss was late at night, I had just finished work and met him at a friends place. It was spin the bottle. Not very romantic. It was a few months later when we started to hang out. I really liked him and thought his qualities were amazing. I asked him to hang out one night. I had planned an amazing date on a headland, but he was late and it got dark so my roommate and I ate the nibbles.

Instead, I set up a fort in the lounge room and we watched movies and ate Thai. He eventually asked me on a date the week after. A few weeks of seeing each other and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend on June 13th, 2016. The photo in the yellow shirt was the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. For our first anniversary, he recreated our date in a 3D display. SO CUTE!

How They Asked

It was my birthday on the 6th of December. He told me he was taking me away for a surprise weekend. I had no idea where until the day we were leaving. We were going to my favorite place, Coffs Harbour. We woke up Saturday, he took me to my favorite breakfast cafe and then told me my first surprise was coming up. We were driving towards the airport. He didn’t pull into the airport but turned towards an area of company’s that operate small plains and helicopters. I was excited, I assumed we might have been going on a plane or helicopter. He pulled over the side of the road, got out and made a phone call. I was confused. We had driven past all of the companies. I was thinking he might have been lost and the plain idea was not going to happen. We turned around and he pulled up in front of the skydiving building. I was so shocked! We geared up and went up on the plane. I didn’t suspect a thing, I just thought it was an amazing birthday surprise. As we went up in the plane, he kept looking at me so lovingly. Before he lept out he called out to me telling me he loved me. As I was lowering to the ground my tandem instructor said: “I think there is something written in the sand, what is it?” I looked down and it had said “Marry me?” written in the sand. I cried the whole way to the ground. It was the most magical proposal I could have ever dreamed of.

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