Denise and Sal

How They Asked

So we were planning a weekend getaway for my birthday, I did not expect to come back as a fiancée. He took me to Napa for some wine tasting. It was our first time and I was so excited. On our way to the first winery, I noticed that he was shaking his leg and I remember thinking that it was weird, but did not think anything of it. We ended up at a beautiful castle filled with wine. We took our tour and tasted multiple wines. I remember I was getting a bit annoyed because he kept drinking the wine as if they were shots of tequila.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Castello di Amorosa

Little did I know he was trying to get some liquid courage we bought a bottle of wine and exited the castle. On our walk, we stopped and took a couple of pictures. We befriended a couple during the tour and we were taking each other’s pictures. Then he asked if they could take another picture and that’s when he proceeded to ask me to marry him. I was so shocked to the point that the couple taking the picture thought I was going to say no lol. He Planned the whole thing and made the day so special we drank wine and the coupes that took our pictures were so sweet and gave us wine glasses and chocolate to celebrate! I felt like a real-life princess and I can’t wait to marry my hunny!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Castello di Amorosa