Denise and Nicholas

YESOn Monday, March 10th, 2014 Nicholas proposed to me in El Yunque Rain Forrest in Puerto Rico. I was completely speechless. What I thought was a girls only birthday weekend turned into one of the most memorable events in my life.

For months I had the idea of going to Puerto Rico to celebrate Alyssa and I’s birthday and I had mentioned it to her and Daisy. They of course were on board with the idea. Little did I know that this was all part of a plan to get me to Puerto Rico so Nicholas could surprise me. I remember getting to PR and having an amazing time with the girls. I even had some little incidents happen to me along the trip. The day before the actual proposal a bird soiled my ring finger! What are the odds???? Then came the big day. The girls and I headed to El Yunque Rain Forrest and up the Mina Falls Trail to a beautiful waterfall.  Just as I got to the waterfall I slipped and fell right on my tail bone. The pain was intense to say the least. The girls helped me up and told me to lean against some rocks and enjoy the view of the waterfall. I tried my best to just enjoy the sight and stop thinking about the pain in my rear end when I felt someone grab me from behind! Oh My Goodness is right because I was scared out my mind that someone was trying to grab me or even take me as my two besties just watched me. When I saw it was Nicholas I was in complete AWE and even upset. Like, what in the world are you doing in a rain forrest in Puerto Rico when you’re supposed to be in New York and I’m on a trip with my girls. His famous line at that moment was, “I’M HEA!” and then got down on one knee.

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