Denise and Manuel

How We Met

We have been together for 8 years! Met on Facebook as most millennial couples lol. Most people would get married before 8 years but that wasn’t in the cards for us. We went through a lot of ups and downs but always remained together. Moved together out of state and bought a house. We would talk about getting married. And everyone in our lives would always ask us when are we getting married? He knew what kind of rings I liked and what was my dream proposal. My passion for Disney and animals is huge and well known.

How They Asked

On November of last year, we took a trip to Miami to visit our families. We also bought tickets to go to Disney. Little did I know that he had purchased the ring. He had also spoken to my stepdad and brother about proposing to me. He had it all planned for 3 months. On Christmas Day he surprised me with another trip to Disney and bought tickets for my family as well!

Fast forward to our trip I noticed he was a little quiet. He had his backpack with him everywhere he would call it his “Dora backpack” lol. He would not let me touch or put things in his backpack. I didn’t think anything of it rather than he’s acting weird today. We arrived at the park which I was in awe. (It was our first time being at Animal kingdom ) Rode some rides and had lunch at Yak and Yeti.

After lunch, we passed by the Tree of life and took some pictures. My mom was directing us on how to pose. Told us to turn around to take a picture of our backs. Little did I know that he had the ring in his pocket which I had no idea. I was so oblivious of everything. My mom says “Manny carry her” and I was waiting until I saw him on one knee and lost it. I was speechless. Couldn’t say yes lol but nodded with my head I even forgot to let him put the ring on. Everybody cheered and he told he wanted to propose in the tree of life because it’s where a new life begins.

The day was absolutely perfect couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. He exceeded my expectations it was magical. Later that day I asked him where he hid it for three months since I’m always organizing the house. He told me he hid it under our bed! I was sleeping under it the whole time lol. I can’t wait to marry this man we are also planning a Disney themed wedding! Can’t wait to his forever.

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