Denise and Jonathan

how we met

Her Side: I would of never imagine God would bless me with such a Godly and amazing man, like Jonathan. The way we met was amazing and so beautiful, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I clearly remember the day that I first saw Jonathan. I was at the movie theatre with my best friend, and I clearly remembered my best friend tell me “Denise, the guy on the other line can’t take his eyes of you.” I immediately turned and we made eye contact. I felt my face get super red, so I turned away. That night, after the movie was over, my best friend and I talked for a while in the parking lot. After a few minutes of me and my best friend chatting, a gray Tacoma stopped by my car and it turned out it was the same guy who I made eye contact with . He nicely introduced himself, and asked me if I would like to go out for a coffee someday. I rejected him multiple times that night . A year later, a guy messaged me on social media, which I wasn’t going to answer but there was something different about him. He invited me to a church event . After multiple times of him and I chatting and inviting me, we finally met one Sunday evening at church. Little did we know, we were going to the same church all along. The best day ever.
His Side: Our story begins with God and Music and a couple other events. A year later I first saw Denise, I was with my entire family at the movies, I was buying popcorn with my dad and there she was again. When the movie finished my cousins and I were exiting the movie theatre, obviously they insisted I go and speak to her as she was next to her car. That night, I clearly remember inviting Denise out for some coffee, and of course, I was rejected multiple times. Another year later I messaged her on social media inviting her to go see me perform at a church event, and of course, she never showed up. However, after multiple times of asking and inviting we met at church one Sunday evening, little did Jonathan know that Denise had been going to the same church all along. And that’s where the story begins.

how they asked

While at a Christmas dinner together in late December, Jonathan found a secret moment with Denise’s mom, and asked for her hand in marriage. After receiving her mother’s blessing, Jonathan wondered how to pull off the perfect proposal while successfully surprising Denise at the same time. After going back and forth between different crazy ideas, Jonathan remembered a New Year’s performance was coming up in January. He instantly realized it would be the perfect setting to propose, because it would naturally bring all of their friends and family together without Denise growing suspicious. The night had finally come….Denise stepped out into the balcony at the country club to listen to him . Except this time, it was transformed into a magical overlook of the beautiful sunset down horizon. From the perfectly hung lights dangling from the pergola, candles elegantly placed everywhere, and white trees covered in twinkling lights, and Jonathan on his saxophone performed the first piece he ever played for her, My One and Only Love just to set the mood. It looked like something out of a movie. Denise took a mental image thinking to herself, “this is what I want it to look like when Jonathan proposes to me one day.” Little did she know what was to come that very night. When all of her friends and family were assembled together waiting for the moment. Jonathan pulled Denise towards him from the crowd and led her to the balcony…moving her dream to reality. He asked, and while in complete and utter shock, tears and joy, she nodded yes! Celebration ensued as confetti filled the air and everybody cheered. It was one of the greatest nights of their life, and so the adventure began.

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