Deni and Florin

How We Met

My first day of high school showed me that love at first sight truly exists because that’s when I met Florin. Due to his timid personality, flirting with him embarrassed him quickly. However, during our first school trip, we had our first kiss and since then we’ve been together. After we finished high school, we both decided to study Medicine although in two different universities, which were 450 km apart.

It was very hard being so close to one another for four years to being in a long-distance relationship for six years. Nonetheless, our friends and family encouraged us, since they knew how much we loved one another. We also felt like we were made for one another so we could not give up; we tried to see each other once a month and we would also spend our holidays together. Thanks to that our love grew even stronger because we traveled to many places around the world.

Time flew and here we are, in our last year of Med school, still in a long-distance relationship but still together and really happy.

How They Asked

Before starting our last year of Medschool, we planned to visit Malta. I started the trip a bit sad because I was always imagined being engaged by now, starting the last year of Uni with a new ring on my finger and planning my life with my love. I was trying to send signals to Florin for one whole year, sending pictures with engagement rings, videos with proposals and telling him about my dream wedding. But he just ignored me, and that was really disappointing for me. So, before the trip, I told my friends that I have to reconsider my future plans because there was no chance I would be getting engaged before school started.

For the first day in Malta we planned to visit Valletta, Popeye`s Village, getting a tan on Golden Bay Beach and then watching our first sea-sunset from the top of the Għajn Tuffieħa Bay. In the morning, I was showing Florin my outfits for the day and I got unhappy that he insisted that I should not wear the black dress I prepared for that evening (he doesn`t like me wearing black). At first, I was annoyed, but then I was excited by the thought that maybe he planned something big for that evening. However, then I calmed down thinking it was impossible for Florin to plan something without giving me any hint…after being together all these years. Anyways, we started visiting the places we planned and were amazed at how beautiful Malta was. We ended the day watching a beautiful sunset on the cliff next to Għajn Tuffieħa Bay. Florin took some pictures of me and then he fixed the phone on the tripod to take pictures together. We posed hugging, kissing but I felt Florin’s heart beating really fast and hard.

He suddenly started telling me about how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend every minute of his life with me. He felt that was the moment he had to do it and got down on one knee and asked me: Do you want to be my wife? I always imagined that my reaction to this question would be excitement and joy, which would cause lots of jumping and screaming…but, instead, I started crying tears of joy and between sighs I said a low-pitched yes. I wonder if it was his emotions or the wind because he didn’t hear my answer and asked again. Of course, I said YES again…but again he didn`t hear me and he asked: “So do you want to marry me?” and I tried to say a bit louder my answer and thankfully he finally heard me!

He put the ring on my finger and then we cried together. When I recovered from the shock he told me he was filming everything and not taking pictures. We were super enthusiastic to watch the video but we realized that, because I moved just before he started filming, Florin was almost out of the screen. So, now we have a proposal video capturing the beautiful sunset and not much of else since we were almost out of the camera angle…but we’re FINALLY ENGAGED!

Florin admitted that he spent a lot of time on to find tips and tricks for the perfect proposal. Knowing him for almost nine years, I never imagined him doing this. But it was a big surprise for me and he made me happier than ever. We spent the next few days in Malta taking engagement pictures and celebrating the previous 8 and hopefully the future 80 years of love and happiness.

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