Dena and Sean

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Love Park - Philadelphia

How We Met

Fate is a true thing, and if you don’t believer in it or just haven’t experienced it yet. Back in 2015 he approached me at Johnny Macs in Asbury I kindly declined him buying me a drink since I was moving two weeks later out to Pennsylvania. Two years passed and I came back and decided to make a Tinder account not even expecting anything to come out of it. I swiped right mainly because his profile said that I would get some free sushi. After a few dates we both came to realize we once crossed paths before but it just wasn’t the right time. It was love at first sight, we immediately developed such a strong connection. I’m so glad I swiped right, cause here we are now!

How They Asked

We are huge brewery hoppers, and always plan trips to travel to different breweries to try different beers. This weekend we decided to take on Philadelphia. We started our adventure at Yards Brewery, followed by Evil Genius, while at Evil Genius he mentioned he wanted to go to the park since the weather was beautiful outside, which was sort of suspicious cause we never got to the park. I honestly thought we were going to a park, like green grass tall trees, not Love Park. We took photos in front of the sign and when we looked at them he said: “we should take one more”.

That one more photo turned into him being on one knee and asking to marry me. Of course, I said yes! It was honestly everything I could have ever dreamed of. It is definitely a moment we will cherish always and I couldn’t contain my tear. I can’t wait until the two of us go back and visit Love Park again.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Love Park - Philadelphia