Demi and Frank

How We Met

About 5 years ago, I became friends with Frankie’s sister. You know how it goes, you make friends and then you become Facebook friends with their family…I lived in Brooklyn and Frankie lived here in upstate New York at the time. There were times he’d go down to Brooklyn to visit his family and such and he always asked me to hang out. In his words. I always turned him down…but he never stopped. He always texted me, always wanted to talk to me and always asked to meet me in person when he was in Brooklyn. Around September 2013 I finally said yes to meeting him and going out on a date. Two years later, August 2015, he asked me to marry him on a cliff over looking an amazing view (with the sister I became friends with as the photographer). It’s been an amazing adventure so far!


how they asked

On August 30, 2015, Frankie and I wanted to spend out day out of the house. He did some research and found this park, John Thacher State Park, that has views of the state and mountains that surround. He told me we were going home to get on some sneakers and pick his sister up who wanted to come with us. We get home to change and said we should wear our matching couples shirts, the ones that say “he’s mine” and “she’s mine”. We get to the park and start walking around and it’s just beautiful all around. We get to a part of the trail that has a cliff beyond the fence. He wanted to get on the cliff to take pictures. I was so scared and nervous. After much convincing, I finally get on that small cliff and hiss oater starts snapping away at pictures. She took one picture of me overlooking the view, giving Frankie enough time to get the ring out. As soon as I turn around all I see is him getting down on one knee. Xo