Demi and Frank

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Time Hotel in New York City

How We Met

Frank and I were both working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car when we first met. We worked at 2 neighboring branches and saw each other a lot at various meetings and events. Our relationship began when we both found ourselves at a bar celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Seaside Heights, NJ and started dancing together. We fell for each other so fast and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend a few months later. He asked me to be his girlfriend on the beach during a night out in Atlantic City, and about 10 minutes later, fireworks spontaneously lit up the sky. It felt so meant to be.

How They Asked

My birthday is in January and fell on a Friday this year. Frank told me not to make plans for the Friday after my birthday. He told me we were going into the city to see a comedy show and that he got us a room for the night, and he told me to make sure I dressed nicely as the venue we were going to was classy. The whole time I was getting ready he seemed antsy and was in a hurry to get to the train station. We got into the city and headed to our hotel. He told me the hotel had weird rules for checking in and that we couldn’t check into the room until 8 pm, which seemed odd to me but I didn’t think much about it. We got to the hotel a little before 8, so he suggested we sit at the bar and grab some drinks and wait until 8. As soon as the bartender set our drinks down, he said: “I’m going to go check and see if we can get into our room, I’ll be right back, you stay here with the drinks.” He took our bags and headed to the front desk. I thought that was pretty odd, and thought maybe he had actually planned a surprise birthday party for me and that my friends were waiting in another room for us.

Demi and Frank's Engagement in The Time Hotel in New York City

About 15 minutes later, Frank came back and finished his drink real quick and said that he was able to talk the front desk into giving us an upgrade to a suite and that I had to come up and see it before we left for the comedy show. We went to the elevator and he pressed the Penthouse button. My eyes bulged out and I said: “they gave you a free upgrade to the PENTHOUSE?” He said, “Yeah, no one booked it for tonight so they told me they would let us have it!!” I couldn’t believe it and was obviously super suspicious that he had something big up his sleeve. We got to the top floor and he points to a door just down the hall and said: “Oh wait, what does this door lead out to?” I opened the door to the most gorgeous rooftop atrium with a single table set for 2 in the middle of the room, flower petals and roses scatted all over, candles in every window, and a big sign that said: “MARRY ME?”

He dropped to one knee and told me “I don’t want anyone else. Will you marry me?” After lots of screaming and crying and taking pictures, we shared an incredible steak dinner with the most beautiful view and then spent the night in this incredible 3 story penthouse suite overlooking Manhattan. It was the most magical night of my life!