Demi and Anthony

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How We Met

My fiancé & I met at work 6 years ago and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

We love to travel, so we planned a two week trip to Thailand in January 2017. In the middle of our adventures, We had booked a day to visit and play with the elephants at the Thai Elephant Home in Chiangmai. Anthony is Laotian and elephants have been a large part of his culture growing up as they are seen as ” The Protectors “.

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We couldn’t wait to spend the day bonding with these beautiful animals. We started our adventures at the nursery of the elephant home to play with the baby elephants. We were so sweet and playful.

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As we were leaving, one of the babies – Dumbo – gave me a muddy kiss on the cheek with his nose! From there Anthony & I hiked 7 miles in the jungle to get to the base of the home where the adults live with the mahouts. The hike was breathtakingly beautiful. We stopped for lunch in the middle of the hike as our guide had picked up some delicious local padthai, fresh mangos & drangon fruit for us earlier that day.

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Later we stopped and had a facial in the villages famous mud spa ( ” it’s great for the skin! ” our guide said as he started putting mud on my face! ) When we finally reached the camp, we were given sugar cane to feed and bond with the grown elephants. We then hopped on our elephants and took a trail ride through the village down to the water to play in the river. I was across the river playing with my elephant when one of the mahouts who was holding a DSLR shouted to me to bring my elephant over to where Anthony was to take a picture. After we took the picture, my boyfriend and I exchanged some ” this is incredible, I love you ” ‘s and as I turned away to go back to playing with my elephant, Anthony grabbed my arm, said a very sweet sentiment – and dropped to one knee!

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I was so surprised. As I said yes the elephants started spraying us with water. I was over the moon for the experience and can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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