Demetrea and Martell

Demetrea and Martell's Engagement in Chicago, IL

How We Met

We grew up together in Chicago. We shared the same best friend but hated each other. I always thought he was childish. When we turned 15 years old he showed me a softer side of him. I got to know him better and we hit it off! Been in love every since…

how they asked

…9 years later, after dating through high school and going to college together, we are (finally) engaged! It was the 4th of July 2017, his family along with my family always have this big 4th of July bash. I remember running around cleaning, serving food and entertaining guest. I did see him most of the day. By nightfall I was dirty and wearing an apron. I remember my Aunt snatching the apron off me and telling me to go enjoy the fireworks. I walked over to the crowd of all our family and friends and joined in. Martell came over to me and asked me to help him light a firework and I instantly declined. I thouht it was strange that he asked me since I am afraid of fireworks. He continued to press until I gave him my final answer,which was NO! My Uncle came over and told me to just hold the lighter, so I did. It was the closest Ivery ever been to fireworks and I was terrified. Everyone keep trying to move me closer and closer but I wouldn’t move. All I remember is my Dad lighting one, my uncle lighting one, and Martell lighting one. As I looked up at the beautiful fireworks popping in the sky, he got down on one knee (he knew he better do it sooner than later because I had plans on getting away from those fireworks). I just cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I didn’t even look at the ring until later that night. After I said YES our family surrounded us with hugs, love and support. I learned later that everybody knew but me. All my family and friends knew that whole day (which is probably why some was avoiding me). I was completely blindsided and had no idea. BEST 4TH OF JULY EVER!

Demetrea's Proposal in Chicago, IL