Demetra and Michael

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How We Met

I met Michael through my sister and brother-in-law seven years ago at a bar at Rutgers for my birthday. Michael is my brother-in-law’s best friend, and at the time, before my sister got married, I would ask to third wheel with her and her now-husband Chris. Chris wasn’t always thrilled so that he would bring his friend Michael. Michael and I always had a connection, and we instantly became best friends. We both felt a spark. But, life got in the way, and the timing was never right. He pursued me, but I rejected him, he was going to Medical School far away, and when I was ready, he wasn’t, and vice versa. It felt like we were two ships in the night, constantly missing each other.

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We reconnected after not being in each other’s lives for two years at my sister’s 31st birthday party – when I saw him for the first time after not speaking for two years. It felt like all of those obstacles of constantly missing each other led us right here: both of us with no strings attached to anyone else, but the one string that was always invisibly tied from his soul to mine. The box I thought I packed away only to tell folk stories about burst open. The magic I felt seven years ago flooded my body, and I was ready to begin our love story that was waiting to be written years ago.

How They Asked

We spent all summer in Ocean City together and had the best summer of our lives; I reconnected with my soulmate, my twin flame. He proposed with a sunflower ring for my love of sunflowers and poetry. He proposed the beach, where we spent watching every sunrise and sunset at Park Place beach, rediscovering each other. The most beautiful picnic with a trail of flowers to the most perfect setup.

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Timing is everything, sometimes, we have to separate from our soulmates and go through some hardships, but your personality will always be your person. He is my forever summer love. Nobody ever compared to him. As corny as it sounds, sometimes you have to let your love go, for them to come back when it’s meant to be.

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