Demeatris and Anthony


How We Met

Of course my story would sound totally different from Anthony’s, but at least you all will get the TRUE story from me. It was my junior year and we had the same Biology professor,Dr. Bunch. I’m not going to lie; it was an 8:00am class, for anyone who knows me they know I hate mornings. I would scroll in class a little after 8:00am (sorry mom). I would run to the first empty seat in the back, prayer that the professor did not call on me to answer a question that I did not have the answer to. After a few weeks, some boy started saving me a seat in front of him. I thought it was a cute gesture; nevertheless I paid him no attention. Weeks flew by before he really said anything to me. Then one day after class he said, “nice picture MeMe.” Now that I look back on it, I should have known he was crazy then, because I never told him my name LOL. He later asked me for my number “to study”, which he never called me to do. A few weeks later he crossed Alpha and I could already tell his head couldn’t fit through the double doors of the classroom. After I told him “congrats” he smiled like I just gave him a million dollars. After that semester, we both returned to Shaw without thinking twice of each other. I was in my senior year and he was just another greek hopping around campus. We would bypass each other and give a little “hi” but nothing more. The Alpha pageant was coming up and Anthony asked me to participate in the event. Again, if you know me then you known attention all on me isn’t my type of party. I declined the offer for as long as I could. Needless to say, I ended up doing the pageant. After participating in the pageant, knowing each other from class, and being on such a small campus; we started to converse a little more around my graduation. At the time being nothing but two kids from North Carolina talking about our next stage of life. Anthony continued to be consist with communication throughout the summer, and years later, here we are. From Shaw campus to our move to Charlotte, we have created a new life together forever, AND THAT’S THE REAL STORY!

how they asked

It was the day of what I thought was just our housewarming. We had family coming in town starting that Thursday night. Saturday July 18, 2015 I had to move out my apartment, bring the rest of my belongings to the house, get my hair done, meet my best friends for our Saturday nail date, and get all prepared for the housewarming. While at the salon my best friend Eb kept looking at me smiling, while I thought it was weird I just reminded myself that she be tripping sometimes LOL. Brittany appeared to have so much on her mind, but I overlooked it being that she just drove 8 hours for my housewarming. I remember being so upset because Anthony’s mother and Aunt Terry came and took over the whole event. I asked them “what am I suppose to do?” Aunt Terry looked at me really funny and said “nothing baby you just worry about your guest.” I stomped upstairs to get ready for the event. Hours later the house was filled with family and friends that are as close as family. It was so much love in the room that it was overwhelming. We played different games throughout the event, but the last one was the best one. We did a soul train line in the middle of the living room. Ant yelled out “I have a special song for me and my lady.” I just thought to myself, “now he know I can’t dance.” Next thing you know he grabbed my hand and took me down the soul train line. All eyes on us, I instantly became nervous. He started unbuttoning his shirt, which if you know Anthony then you know he extra. I thought it was all just part of his show. Seems like seconds later he took his shirt off and had tshirt on saying “will you marry me?” In that moment I think I passed out and woke back up from a fantasy. Then I realize this was really happening OH MY GOSH! I jumped up and down with such joy saying YEEEEES!!!

The behind the scenes: Just to know so many people played a role in our engagement behind the scenes lets me know how blessed we are to have such great family and friends. My best friend Brittany Lee knew the whole time about the engagement and never told a soul (besides our other best friend Eb, that doesn’t count). To know that she supported Ant during that time meant a lot. Ms.Mary Lou, Anthony’s mother was a great support and his Aunt Terry. Both of them kicked me out to make sure my day was the best day ever.