Dembi and Anthony

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How We Met

Dembi and I first met through a friend from our Church and I knew within months that she was the girl Wanted to marry. She was Graceful, spontaneous, outgoing and I knew I couldn’t live another day without her in my life. She made me smile and laugh all the time and so, 11 months into our relationship I decided I wanted to ask her to be my wife.

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Once I had decided I wanted to propose, I started searching the web for ideas and become very fond of all the surprise flash-mob proposals out there. My only concern though was ‘are flashmob romantic?’ I was adamant I wanted to blow her away and treat her like the queen that she is so I enlisted the help of The One Romance, who are proposal planners in London. I explained that I still wanted the proposal to be romantic, candlelit and (ideally!) make her cry (happy tears of course!) The problems with me, as soon as I made the decision to propose, I wanted to do it straight away! So I literally gave the girls at the one romance just two days to plan it all! On the day of the proposal, i told Dembi I was taking her for lunch at a fabulous Hotel in London’s covent garden.

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She has no idea that there was a HUGE surprise waiting for her after ouR meal. As we finished eating, a wow approved us (one of the proposal planners in disguise!) and told us that there was a VIP screening taking place in their cinema room downstairs and they were inviting certain guests to watch a new film.

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She asked if we would like to join and, despite Dembi hesitating at first, I convinced her it could be fun. We were taken a very glamorous cinema room, which was filmed with ‘other hotel guests’ (or at least that’s what Dembi thought!” ) and sat down to watch the film.

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As it started, my face appeared the screen!!! I had pre-recorded a video telling her all of the reasons I love her! She was completely shocked (As you would be I guess!) but that was only the beginning…..

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My little video was set to a gorgeous song called ‘I choose you’ and it was playing in the background as I told her the reins I loved her. Suddenly the door to the cinema room opened and flash-mob of singers, all holding beautiful long stemmed roses, entered singing the same song! We had over 20 singers in total and it sounded amazing! It was at this moment that I took Dembi’s hand and led her in-front of the screen.

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The words ‘Will you marry me’ flashed up behind us and I got down on one knee……Thankfully she said yes! It was at this stage when there was a huge cheer from the back of the room and Dembi realised that all the other ‘hotel guests’ were actually all of our friends and family (who had been hiding in the darkness and watched the entire proposal!) It was the perfect end to the most perfect day!

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