Delvon and Elisabeth

How We Met

>Both born in 1986: Delvon in October, Elisabeth in November

>Both traveled almost 700 miles to further their education at Wake Forest University: Delvon in 2004 (Syracuse, NY), Elisabeth in 2005 (South Chicago, IL)

>Both traveled to South Africa: Delvon in Spring 2008, Elisabeth in Fall 2008

>Both moved to NYC: Elisabeth in 2013, Delvon in 2014

>Roads finally align on the best Friday ever: Good Friday, April 14, 2017

DELVON: After moving back to NYC for the second time in 2017, I decided to attend Hillsong Church NYC, as I loved the outreach they did in the community. Little did I know that the woman I was about to ask out led the teams that did outreach to the community. After going to a Good Friday service and sitting on the side stage, I noticed a beautiful woman with a light on her. It was a stage light, but still a light. Realizing we went to school together, I knew this could be my “in” to ask her out by requesting we catch up. Two months later, we finally had lunch.

ELISABETH: Yes, it was nice to see Delvon. Seeing an old Wake alum is always great but that was about it for me. Of course we could catch up and share Wake Forest stories; however, I had a lot going on and didn’t think anything more after seeing him at the church on Good Friday. After multiple texts and phone calls, I agreed to have lunch on Father’s Day, June 18, 2017. We both traveled far for Wake, loved our experience in South Africa, and was excited to be in NYC. Great. Nice to catch up. See you at church.

DELVON: WOW, she’s amazing! How do I ask her out again? She’s always busy, a lot of people know her. Jesus helps me. Then I remembered, she has Mondays off. So at an event a few weeks later, I asked her if she was available one Monday night. She said yes, and I let her know I’ll make reservations……

ELISABETH: Whoa! Um was that him asking me out on a “date”? I can’t say I’m not available now after I already said I was. I can’t change my number because that would be rude. Ok, I’ll see what happens.

DELVON: I chose a Hibachi restaurant. I knew she didn’t like me yet so some of the pressure could be taken off me by food entertainment and I would fill in the gaps with questions…What do you like about NYC, What do you hate about it, What’s your passion, etc. Dinner was done, the other couples at the table had left, but we were still talking. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! So I suggested a walk through Central Park. She agreed. As we walked through Central Park, she explained that it’s one of her favorite places along with the Metropolitan Museum. I had never been to the Met…another light goes off (not the stage light, but the one in my head this time)!!! This could be our second date. So I asked her if she could give me a tour…and she agreed!

ELISABETH: I love Central Park. I love the Met. Any excuse to go, I will. So I agreed to give him a tour of the Met. He then says you plan the first part of the day and I’ll plan the second. When did this become a full day thing? He was clever and thoughtful. So I said ok. A few weeks later, we went to the Met. Then he says we have to hurry and get downtown to make our appointment. I asked where we were going. He wouldn’t tell me. So we walk towards one world trade, pass the very long line, and enter the building to begin a tour at the top of the tallest building in the city. I was in awe that he thought of this as I have never been inside the Freedom Tower!

DELVON: I knew she loved New York City and loved people in the City even more. What better way to experience her love of the City than at the highest point available. So everything is going great and I just knew she would like me. I try to hold her hand…..ACCESS DENIED! What the HELL!!! (Jesus forgive me). All of this effort and no progress? So I suggest that we get something to eat. We went to PJ Clarke’s and talked for hours.

ELISABETH: This was an amazing day that turned out even better. Months prior to this moment, I was walking around Brookfield Place and remember praying that it would be nice to have a date at this location by the water. So when we went to PJ Clarke’s in that exact area by the water, I was internally freaking out!! I looked at Delvon in a different way. How did he know to do all these things?!? So we talked for a long time and I enjoyed his company. A few days later, my sister was in town from being on tour. She wanted to meet him. So I cooked fried chicken (it’s my specialty) and invited him to Central Park to “hang” with me and my sister. He shows up, brings me one of my favorite flower (again, how did he KNOW???!!!!) and we had the best time laughing, singing, and playing Heads Up. At this point, I was like “Ok… something’s happening here.” Later that week, Delvon met me after work one evening and we talked for hours into the early morning at the Roxy Hotel. Knowing we had to be at work, we got in a taxi and I let him finally hold my hand. At this point, I was ready to begin a relationship.

DELVON: Amen. Finally.

In spite of personal difficulties and the beginning of a long-distance relationship, we remained committed and on August 3, 2018, Delvon proposed (click link) to Elisabeth at the Hillsong Conference in front of her church family and friends. It may have taken some time for us to get to this point from our first interaction at Wake, but God’s timing is perfect. Never early, Never late. It takes a little patience and some faith, but it’s always worth the wait. The story doesn’t end here….it’s just the beginning. Our beginning…together!

How They Asked

It was the brilliance of 3 pastors. Their job was to entertain the crowd before the main event. They came up with an idea to honor the host’s team (the team in charge of making sure guests have a good experience at the conference). My fiancée was in charge of the entire host’s team (hundreds of volunteers) and was called on stage. She was told to pick three boxes to choose her gift. When she chose the right box, I popped out to thank her for being the greatest host in the world. Then I used her name as an acronym to explain how amazing she is. Then I proposed and she said yes!!!! I am very grateful and honored to marry this Queen.

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