Delia and Ramon

How We Met

We met on May 28, 2010, at a farmers market. I (Delia) went up to him first and started a conversation with him. By the end, we got each other’s numbers and went on our way. We became best friends for 5 years before we made it official as a couple and have been together since (4 years together).

How They Asked

On 10/07/2019 my boyfriend (or should I say Fiancé☺️) and I planned to do a photoshoot with a local photographer in Venice. We have never done a photoshoot together and thought this would be a fun experience on the beautiful island of Venice. Since we both planned/talked about this shoot I had no suspicion of him being up to something… little did I know he had gone behind my back and messaged the photographer privately to plan a beautiful proposal and came up with the idea of doing it while on the gondola.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

Delia's Proposal in Venice, Italy

Proposal Ideas Venice, Italy

He said he made sure to wait until the end of the shoot in case I ruined my make up… I always thought that I would know when he would be popping the question, I thought “I know him so well I’m going to know right away when he’s up to something.” He did such a great job at keeping this a secret I honestly had no idea what was happening until he got on one knee, it feels like it was all a blur and we were so in the moment we both didn’t realize he put the ring on the wrong hand!

Special Thanks

Devin A
 | Photographer