DeLani and JJ

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How We Met

My fiance, JJ,is from Fort Wayne, IN and is the oldest of 8 children and I am from Mesquite, TX. One of his sisters moved to Mesquite in 2010 for college. Eventually his dad decided to move the whole family down here. His dad moved down in 2011 while leaving his family behind as they tried to sell their house in Indiana. All of his family made their way to Texas in 2012, except him. At the time he still lived with his family but he did not think it was the right move for them to come to Texas so he stayed behind. He finally decided to move to Texas in March of 2013. His whole family were members of my church so he came and visited and decided to join as well. We have a rather large church but still small enough where you can know pretty much everyone.

I did think he was cute, but because there is a little bit of an age difference I assumed there was no chance of us ever getting together so I never talked to him. We were together or saw each other at least 4 times a week and yet from March 2013 to September 2014 I had never had a conversation with him. In September 2014 I was sitting at home and got a message on Facebook from my now fiance. He asked me if I was dating my friend Justin because we hung out together a lot. I have always been the girl with more guy friends than girl friends which is why he thought we were dating. I told him no we weren’t and asked if that was all he needed. Rude, I know. Our Facebook conversation that night consisted of 6 messages then it ended.

The next day at church we were again together serving in our ministry and I kept staring at him wondering why this guy who I had never talked to wanted to know if I was dating. So I messaged him because obviously that’s less awkward than talking in person. I started asking him about how his college classes were going, his background and basically anything I could think of and basically that’s how our relationship started. Weeks turned into months and I fell hard and fast for JJ. Now here we are 3 weeks away from our wedding and I love him more than I thought I ever could.

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how they asked

In April 2016 JJ’s best friend and his family were visiting from Indiana. At this point we had been together for a year and a half and I was of course waiting for him to pop the question. I told my friend I did think if would be a good time for him to propose while his best friend was in town but honestly didn’t think it would happen. That Sunday night they were here we planned to go to get ice cream at the Harbor of Rockwall with our friends and some of my fiance’s family. I thought nothing of it. Our week had been full of eating out and activities. We all arrive, get our ice cream and are standing outside eating it. Everyone is mostly done with their ice cream then one of JJ’s brothers said his nephew wanted to go around the corner to look at the fountain.

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So here we are, me, JJ, our friends from Indiana, most of his siblings and mom walking under these pretty lights toward this beautiful lit up fountain and again, the thought popped in my head that it would be such a pretty time for him to propose, but quickly pushed it away so I wouldn’t be let down. As everyone is standing there looking at the fountain I noticed they’re taking an insane amount of pictures. I thought “it’s just a fountain.” A moment before JJ had walked away from me. I stood looking at this fountain alone then turned around to find him. It was then that he got down on one knee, showed me this little box, and asked me to marry him. I was truly in shock and surprised. After asking if it was real I said “yes!”

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