Delaney and Mike

How We Met

Mikey and I met in the halls of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine at the start of our sophomore year in September 2014 and have been inseparable since.

How They Asked

He proposed on Saturday, 02-22-20 (neat date numerically!) at Divi Little Bay Resort in St. Maarten during sunset with a beautifully decorated private candlelight dinner on the beach. Before I knew what was about to go down, I had been joking that he planned our very own 1-on-1 date with reference to the Bachelor where we would actually get to eat the food!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Divi Little Bay Resort in St. Maarten

When we arrived, he began recording the sunset with his drone while I watched. I was under the impression that he just wanted to capture cool footage of the island. All of a sudden, he drove it back toward us and asked if I wanted to use it. He handed me the controller while the drone sat in the air pointing in our direction. I was confused, because I didn’t know why he offered for me to take it. Next, he was reaching into his pants (this part was really funny, because he literally hid the ring box in his underwear to avoid a bulge in his pocket lol). I was like: “What in the world are you doing?!” From there, he took a knee and proposed with the sweetest words although I could tell he was unusually nervous!!! It all got caught on video from how he set this up. Everything was so beautiful and very exciting!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Divi Little Bay Resort in St. Maarten