Dejerica and Derrick

How We Met

Derrick and I met in 2010 during Labor Day weekend at his frat brother house in Salisbury NC. I was heading back to college from seeing my family in Monroe, NC and I received a call from my closet friend/line sister who said “girl you need to stop by here, they having a cookout!” As I arrived at the cookout there were a lot of people outside just hanging around (Derrick was inside). I introduced myself and watched them tell jokes, laugh and “party hop” After chatting it up with them outside, I realized I needed to use to bathroom. I went inside the house to use the bathroom and there I saw Derrick. When I walked in, I saw Derrick sitting on the couch (with others, we wont name them) watching TV and in my mind I said “oh he is cute” but I spoke and kept it moving….Shortly after I used the bathroom, I went back outside and Derrick followed.

Meanwhile, I noticed a champagne Honda Accord, which appeared to be a 1998, just like mine with DC/MD tags on the front. I asked who car it was and Derrick responded “Mine.” So we started conversing and I noticed his “up north” accent, so not only was he cute but he also had an “accent.” #WIN! So I immediately knew he could be a potential “friend” ( I say potential b/c he always say I was the one “checking for him” LOL. Once the night was over, he walked me to my car and we then exchanged numbers. As soon as I left the parking lot, we texted each other and somehow we ended up on the phone.

Derrick and I talked my entire drive back to Greensboro. After that, we stayed in contact, went on dates, celebrated birthdays and made weekend trips back and forth from Greensboro to Salisbury. On the day of his graduation in 2011, I met his parents for the very first time. After his graduation, we went to his cousin’s house to celebrate. We we pulled up, we both looked at each other and said ‘so what does this mean?” Since then, Derrick and I have been #relationshipgoals. We have traveled the world together, changed careers together, moved away together and most of all PRAYED together. The years we have been together have been nothing but AMAZING and I cant wait to continue sharing my life with my better best friend :)

how they asked

Derrick asked for my hand in marriage in front of all the most important people of my life, my friends and family. Throughout our relationship, Derrick has promised that he had a plan for us and that I must TRUST HIM. Well after we transitioned to different states, we both realized we could not make it w/o each other. According to Derrick, he started planning January of 2017 and delegated tasks to my closest friends to make this day come to life. I must say, all of them GOT ME GOOD, even my FAMILY. Every year the women in my family attend a conference called “Women’s Empowerment in Raleigh NC.” This year the guest speaker was Taraji P Henson. I was super excited because she has inspired sooo many women this year and was sooo #BlackGirlMagic. Well on that Friday, my cousin Regina who is usually the host, called and said there was an emergency and we were no longer attending the conference. I was sooo upset, I called every single family member asking “what happened?” nobody could give me an answer. I later decided I would ask all of my friends if someone could come with me because I really wanted to see her, well that was a fail because they all “claimed” they had stuff to do. So I finally got over it and went home, BORED.

Dejerica and Derrick's Engagement in CityView Greensboro, NC

My friend Brittany called me telling me she would be in town for a party bus and she wanted to visit and do my makeup (yes she is a LEGIT makeup artist) so that I could go with her. On that Saturday, I agreed and since I was so upset about not going to WE, I scheduled myself a massage and facial that morning.

Later that day, I went shopping for an outfit. While shopping and I sent pictures to my friends (Brittany and Key) to get their opinion. I picked out a black dress (can never go wring with black) and went home and waited for Brittany’s arrival. Brittany came, we caught up, played in makeup and sipped on some wine.

Meanwhile, I had no idea all of this was happening behind my back (I am very nosey and can assess people and things very well). We arrived to Greensboro, at CityView Clubhouse because according to Brittany, we had to meet her “friends” at the clubhouse to get on the “partybus.” As we are walking, Brittany’s friend (btw was a random girl my friends put in place the day of to pretend to be her friend) said “oh girl you look cute!” And I said “thank you, is there a lot of people in there?”

She laughed and said “yeah girl. but you’ll be fine, you look good!” I walked in and this curtain flew back, cameras started flashing and Brian McKnight played over the speaker “Love of My Life” and I saw my Mom and Dad and immediately ran back out the door and CRIED. At that moment, I KNEW :)

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