Deja and Michael

I decided that I would propose to my girlfriend Deja after dating for one year because I knew since the beginning I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I picked the perfect park, build an arch, invited our family and closest friends.

Image 1 of Deja and Michael

I wanted to make it meaningful and special for her because that would mean a lot to her. Before the proposal I spoiled her since it was our one year anniversary then after that I told her I had a surprise for her so I blindfolded her and gave her a key as if I was giving her a car so I can throw her off.

I was actually giving her the key to my heart she just didn’t know it yet. Once we arrived at the park where friends and family were waiting I guided her in front of the arch then asked her to remove her blindfold. She was shocked by then she knew what was going to happen next I shared in front of everyone how much she meant to me and asked the big question. I did it I asked the girl of my dreams to marry me and she said yes! We believe TRUE LOVE WAITS.

Image 2 of Deja and Michael

Image 3 of Deja and Michael