Deepika and Michael

Proposal Ideas Longwood Gardens

How We Met

We met at Drexel University where we both earned our undergraduate degrees. Mike went to school for engineering and I went for Public Relations and Marketing. We met through Greek life in 2011- my first month of college to be exact, and Mike wanted nothing to do with a silly freshman at the time! Two years, a country tailgate and a first-date at Chickies & Pete’s later…& we started dating!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Longwood Gardens

How They Asked

The funny part about our proposal is that I knew it was coming, yet I was still so surprised! Over the years, the topic of marriage had come up a few times & we both knew it was in the cards for us, it was just a matter of when. Last Christmas (2018), Mike’s grandmother gifted him with her wedding band and engagement ring, which signify the 50+ years of love that his grandparents shared. His grandmother’s ring was a diamond, and Mike knew I had my eye on a sapphire, so he worked with the amazing team at L.Priori to replace the diamond with a stunning light-blue sapphire. Because the ring was so specific and unique, Mike wanted to make sure I loved it before making the sapphire permanent.

So, I knew that the ring was coming, I just didn’t know when. Mike brought the ring home in June and hid it poorly – ha!- so I knew it was in the house. Every weekend from then on, I expected him to propose. Fast forward to August, no ring yet, and I was getting antsy .. I mean, six years AND the ring was in the house! But, I knew it was coming, so I tried my best to not think about it.

On August 10th, we went to Longwood Gardens for the day. Neither of us had been before and it was our first weekend just the two of us, so we spent hours walking around and visiting every corner of the gardens. While I was taking my sweet time strolling around in 100-degree weather, Mike was sweating for a different reason – he had the ring in his pocket!

Right before we left Longwood Gardens, Mike and I walked through the woods, away from all the crowds, and he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I began to cry, and in true form, Mike replied with, “Why are you crying? You knew this was coming!”

We took a few sub-par iPhone pictures before we left Longwood Gardens and then decided to return for our professional engagement pictures at the beginning of November. It was difficult to find our spot again, but it was so special!

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