Dee and Justin

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How We Met

We met unofficially on facebook. He had sent me a friend request and I accepted not thinking too much about it. I had seen his photos on my feed without much interest because they were all bodybuilding images of himself. Then one day he posted a photo of his son looking up at him whilst he was cooking and my heart melted. I paid a little more attention to his future posts.

One day he uploaded a snippet from a reality tv show which had a couple arguing on a boat. One party pushrd the other off the boat! I admit I giggled at the humour. So i commented on his post. Few seconds later we were engaged in coversation online and then began texting.

We met officially a few days later at the cinemas near where he lived. We talked throughout the movie and for hours after, not caring that both of us had work the next day. From that day we have been inseparable. We fell hard for each others humour, smile and the intensity of the passion we both shared for our lives.

how they asked

He had organised the whole day! My family and my daughters knew about it and had seen the ring weeks before!

In the morning, he said he would watch the kids while i got my nails done. Excited at the thought of some relaxation time, I jumped at the prospect. Before i left he gave me an envelope to be opened after i had finished there. Slightly confused i accepted. When I went to pay he had covered the cost of the visit. I opened the envelope and it was a printer card with the beach in the background with instructions to head home for further clues. Smiling at that i headed home.

Once i opened the door there were rose petals trailing to the bedroom on which was a dress shoes and another card with some beautiful words and a cheeky statement saying he will clean up those petals off the floor later :) The card asked me to get ready and meet him at the first reataurant we dined at as a couple at 6.15 sharp.

I had a few hours to get ready so i started but then became quite nervous. When i arrived at the venue, the staff looked like they were expecting me. He walked around the corner and took my hand and asked if we could take a walk on the beach. I agreed and we began walking down. Once on the sand he kept saying how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I looked out at the ocean and breathed in the crisp ocean air relishing the fact that we were alone there together. When i looked back at him, he had dropped to one knee and had a box opened then asked ” will you marry me? “. I gasped and for a moment had no words then realised that I hadnt answered him so of course i said yes and hugged him, then he placed the ring on my finger, stood up and kissed me.

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When we turned to walk back to the restaurant, there were a group of people on the balcony cheering, once inside the whole restaurant clapped and as we walked to our table, my two little girls came running to see me, followed by my mother, sister and one of my closest friends. My heart burst knowing that the most loved people in my life were there to witness the event.

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