DeDee and Jordan

How We Met: Jordan and I have always known of each other because of mutual friends. We had even met a few times because of those said mutual friends. Jordan was a manager at Sonic. I went through the drive thru one day to get a cherry slush (my favorites). Jordan saw my car, and told the drive thru worker that he would run the slush out to me. When he came out to my car, he began asking me all kinds of “how are yous” and “what have you been into” questions. I was 21 so a lot of what we talked about was going out for drinks. He then prompted me with the possibility that we could have drinks together (he was not even of age yet). I told him that would be fine, and I’d take his number. I had no intention of calling him, and I think he could see it written all over my face. He put his number in my phone, and made sure to call his phone so he would for sure get my number, and that’s how we started.

how they asked: Jordan and I haven’t been able to take a vacation for ourselves this summer. So, when we planned to make the trip to Mississippi to attend his cousin’s wedding, we thought we’d start a day early and go to an island just off the coast. I had worked the night before, and got off around midnight. We left then. We drove all night, taking turns. We finally arrived at Gulfport, MS with a few hours to spare. That is when my nerves began to set in. I had never been on the ocean before, and I knew about seasickness. To be completely honest, I’ve always been scared of boats in the ocean anyway (I blame Titanic). I was so nervous that I even contemplated telling Jordan that I did not want to make the trip anymore, and we could go straight to his Uncle’s house. However, I stuck it out. I got rather seasick on the boat, but seeing dolphins jump helped distract my mind a little bit. When we got to the island, we picked our chairs out and set our things up. Jordan and I love to take videos of ourselves and screen shot random moments in them because it’s easier, and you can get some really cute candids that way. So, Jordan and I relaxed, walked the beach, and started our routine of taking videos of ourselves. The last video we took Jordan began talking about how much he loved me. I never thought anything of it because this was not something that was out of the ordinary. He then grabbed both my hands and said, “You do know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, right?” I finally caught on. I began crying, covering my face, and smiling from ear-to-ear. He then got down on one knee and asked me the sweetest question I have ever been prompted with. Image 1 of DeDee and Jordan