Dede and Stefon

How We Met

Growing up, I was a fatherless daugther. I never had a postitve image of a male figure in life. But like any other young and wondering girl, I started dating, searching for the love my father never gave me. After senseless relationships, at ge 18, I decided to start prayig for my husband. Every morning, everynight, I prayed. Sitting on the steps of my college dorm, began praying, so hard that I was moved to tears. I could feel that something wasn’t right with my future husband. Fast foward to September 2014, I was walking across campus and laid eyes on the most charming and gentle soul I had ever seen. For three months, I saw him around campus and never said a word (He’d call this stalking if you asked him). But on January 19th of 2015, I was in downtown Ruston with my girl friends. We decided to go into this store called Kitishian’s and moments later, Stefon walked in. We had the store helper to stall him until I could work up enough courage to talk to him. Finally one of my friend went over and said, “Could you please talk to my friend, she’s been talking about you since last year.” And I did. I went over and came face to face with the love of my life. We quickly starting pursuing each other’s heart. One night we decided to take a walk downtown. We shared secrets, fears and some of our most heartbreaking moments. Then it happened. Stefon told me about the date he lost his bestfriend and a car accident. I stood there in tears, because the day he lost Hannah, was the same date I sat on the steps of my college dorm and cried for my husband because I knew something wasn’t right. Stefon has helped me grow and realize that growing up without a father has only made me stronger. I am so thankful that my lfie has played out the way it has. I am so thankful that I not only get to carry strength down the aisle, but present it beautifully to the lover of my soul.

how they asked

I am a news reporter with KNOE, out of Monroe, Louisiana. On October 13th, my director assigned me a story about it being enagagment season. I didn’t think too much of it because I had seen the signs and advertisments everywhere. Well, I finished all of my shooting, writing and editing. Finally, it was time to go on set. Well, my co-workers and director kept checking my mic, kept calling me out of the studio. I was still numb to what was going on, because it’s a newsroom…we have a lot of odd days. Finally I was on air and everything was running smoothly. I had just finished my segment and my coworker was saying “I wonder what our boyfriends must be thinking watching this at home” and I was just about to say “hint, hint I hope he’s watching this right now” when I realized he was right behind me the whole time. I saw him in one of the monitors on set but I thought it was a dream…it took me a second to turn around. When I did, he was on one knee with flowers and that life changing box. He said the most eloquent and heartfelt speech that had me in tears. When he finally asked me to marry him, I said YES!

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