Deborah and Trent

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How We Met

Trent and I met when I started working at the same Barnes and Noble as him two years ago. He works with the books and I work in the cafe. We both still work there part time for fun. One day, there was this connection made and we have been best friends and lovers since.

how they asked

The day began with a trip to a beach in Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida to watch the sunrise. We had a picnic breakfast while laying and watching the sun begin to touch the shore. He then took me to a local restaurant where we had our first date dinner at to have lunch. After we got cleaned up and put our nice clothes on, we went to a beautiful garden in Central Florida called Leu Gardens to walk around. Then we drove to the west coast, got dinner at a local restaurant, went to Fred Howard Beach in Tarpon Springs to have our dinner, picnic style of course, and watch the sunset. When we finished eating he took our trash to go throw it away. He came back with a beautiful, handmade, scrapbook that was filled pictures of wonderful memories together and the sweetest notes about our journey so far. The last page said, “I love you Deborah and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” At this point, I began to cry because I knew what was about to happen. He grabbed my hand and took me to the peak of a hill on the shore of the beach and held me close while we watched the sunset. He then faced me and said sweet things about God, life, and being with me forever. I was so excited and nervous that I could barely listen to what he was saying. He then got down on one knee with the prettiest ring I have ever seen and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course, I said yes. We kissed. I then realized that the people on the beach were all clapping and his friend was standing there taking pictures.

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