Deborah and Oscar

How We Met

I’m just going to say in advance, this is not the most romantic “how we met story”, but everybody cracks up when we tell it (including the both of us). My guy best friend from high school became his best friend when they started college. I had only chatted with Oscar through Facebook. There was a festival in their college town and I went with my sister, cousin and a friend, with the intention of meeting up with people I hadn’t seen in awhile. By the time we got there almost everybody I knew was drunk, so I couldn’t meet up with anyone. I was the designated driver for our group. Suddenly he sent me a text asking me where I was, to which I replied and forgot all about. After like 10 minutes, he arrived at the bar I was at. Mind you, he was extremely drunk, he kept saying how hilarious my ex is, without even knowing he was my ex, he bought me a bottled water with his money and gave me the change back. He ended up spending the WHOLE night by my side. By the end of the night my friends and I walked him to his apartment, even though he actually believed he was walking us to our car (LOL); to which I might add he bumped into a light post. After that day, I didn’t see him for a while. A year later, we were chatting and he invited me to go out, neither of us told our mutual best friend (during the beginning). After one night out, both of us quickly realized we clicked incredibly fast. We were both very different people: he always worried about what others said, I didn’t really care; he developed a persona when around others, I was unapologetic, he filtered his words, I say everything I think; he is an atheist, I believe in God; he was a very methodical and factual person, while I was more emotional. Regardless of our differences, very soon we developed a deep and very strong bond. We explain our relationship with a song from Gustavo Cerati, which says “adorable puente se ha creado entre los dos”, this translates into “an adorable bridge has been created between you and me”. That’s how we feel, being so different we created a new “us”, which is a mixture of both. This bond or bridge has gotten stronger each and everyday. He is the most wonderful man in the world; he has accepted every single aspect of me: my insecurities, my strengths, my successes and my failures. He’s my rock, he is my safe place, he is my best friend. Everyday we work to help each other become a better sibling, friend and son/daughter. We’ve grown stronger individually and as a couple. We build each other up every single day, we both say we’re together not because we need each other, but because we want it that way.

how they asked

We’re both from Puerto Rico. We’ve been inseparable for almost 5 years. On September 15, he moved to Connecticut to start a new job. Five days after he left, hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico. For over four days I wasn’t able to hear his voice. I drove 2 hours with barely any gas to a place I’d hope to get reception, and gladly I did. He was shocked to hear my voice, after agonizing days seeing only what was aired on the news, he thought I hadn’t survived. I remember saying jokingly “I bet you wished you’d gotten a ring and proposed to me, huh?”. For more than 2 weeks, I spoke to him only every 2-3 days. Him not knowing when I’d call, and I not knowing if he’d be available when I was able to call. After almost 3 weeks, barely any cell phone service, no running water or power, he managed to get me a plane ticket to Connecticut. We both knew I’d be able to stay only a couple of weeks, since I had to go back for medical school, so we decided to go to NYC for a weekend. It was the most magical and beautiful weekend ever. Our last day there, after breakfast we started walking around Central Park. He spent the entire time extremely anxious, saying he wanted a good place to get a picture of us, which I found weird since I was the one always insisting on taking pictures. We tried going to a spot we’d taken a picture at 3 years ago, but a wedding was in session (ironic, I know). Finally, he asked a stranger to take a picture of us and next thing I know he was on his knees asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Deborah and Oscar's Engagement in Central Park, New York City

He’d gotten the ring in June and planned to propose in December, since that’s when both our birthdays are and it’s my favorite month of the year. After not knowing anything of me those days after Maria struck the island, he realized that he shouldn’t have waited so long “for the perfect moment”, because every moment with me was simply perfect. And he has never been more right.

Deborah's Proposal in Central Park, New York City