Deborah and Brandon's Surprise Marriage Proposal in Hawaii

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how they asked: We had been talking about a trip to Hawaii for quiet sometime, and finally booked it in. A week in May absolutely couldn’t wait. I had been telling Brandon about Hawaii and how much I loved it for so long now, all the spots I had been to and wanted to take him. The lead up was so exciting counting down the days and looking forward to sun, sand and surf. We arrived it was wonderful, sun was shining, beach was gorgeous, clear waters and white sand, we enjoyed our first day relaxing at the beach and finished it off with a sunset cruise at Waikiki beach.

I pointed out to Brandon Diamond head, a place I had hiked last time I was there and wanted to do again, he vowed we would do it. The next day we went to breakfast and he said let’s do Diamond head today, I was quick to agree. We got back to our hotel changed in our gym gear, and backed a backpack and got the bus in. We started our hike, it was gorgeous, just as I had remembered!

Making our way up Brandon seemed eager to get to the top not stopping for photos along the way, I could hear his breath behind me as I took the lead. We made it to the top, we waited on the top level to take a photo with the city of Waikiki in the background. There was a father and daughter taking photos and I offered to take one of them together and they accepted and said they would do the same, perfect! Standing there and posing for our photo I could feel Brandon’s leg trembling, laughing I asked if he was okay and was his leg shaking. I though he was scared of the height maybe? He then said to the girl taking our photo ‘can you help me out for a minute here’. I thought he must be going to lift me up or put me on his shoulders not like him bit hey I’ll go with it.

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Next thing I know he has got down on one knee!! I was in absolute shock, I was giggling and asking him what he was doing, and to get up. He began ‘Deborah, half way between Canada and Australia I love you will you marry me?’ I stood in shock, I said are you joking he asked again I was smiling ear to ear and started nodding he asked a third time as he took out a gorgeous ring and placed it on my finger, ‘is that a Yes?’ I said with all my heart ‘Yes, Yes!’ My heart pounding, my head finding it hard to comprehend we embraced and kissed and everyone around clapped and cheered! I can’t remember the entire 45 min walk down, and Brandon says he couldn’t remember the entire climb up. Once we reached the bottom he asked me the way he had practiced it. Word for word it took my breath away. I got a diamond on the top of Diamond Head! And I’m marrying the man of my dreams!!

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