Deborah and Austin

how we met

Deborah and I went to the same high school and both played lacrosse. We became friends somewhere between 2006 and 2009 from mutual friends between ours sports team. After high school, I traveled away to college to continue my sports career and Deborah stayed in our home town to attend the local college, University of Central Florida. After my first year of college, I decided it was time to give up my sports career and focus more on my life and career goals. Therefore I moved back to our hometown to pursue my the degree in mechanical engineering and focus on my future career path. By the time I returned home, Deborah and I had lost connection and made new friends and relationships. Sometime in 2014, during Deborah’s senior year of college we happened to cross paths on campus and I asked for her phone number to catch up. The rest is history from there….

how they asked

I was fortunate it enough to have an aunt that had a condo on Oahu, HI and my family traveled to Oahu multiple times during high school and college. When I graduated from college, I had an amazing job lined up just a month after graduation. During that break from college time, Deborah and I decided we would travel to Maui and Oahu to relax and enjoy our achievements. During our time in Maui we fell in love with the island and promised that we would return as frequently as possible. When I decided I was ready to propose to Deborah, I knew that we had to do it somewhere special, over the top, and something we would remember for forever. Therefore I planned a trip for both of our families to travel to Maui. There were a total of 10 people between Deborah & I’s immediately family. I looked all over Maui for the perfect location and found the Haleakala Crater with the help of Amy Jayne. I hired Amy early on in the process to help with suggestions on locations on the island. Together we found that the sunrises at the top of Haleakala looked amazing and would provide the perfect location. There were many photos of couples getting engaged at the location with pictures from their cellphones, but not many of professional photographs. So we began our planning from there. We planned to travel up the crater at 2:00AM with all 10 family members. Everyone in the family knew the exception of Deborah. We all had to work very hard to keep it a secret as Deborah is very noisy. I even had to go to the extreme of creating a new email account just in case I ever left my emails open or had a notification come through on my phone. The ring and the ring box were tucked inside my mom’s backpack so that Deborah would never find it while on the trip. Once at the top of crater Austin left the group “to go to the bathroom” but really he was meeting with Amy at the highest point where she was setting up to look like a local photographer just taking pictures of the sunrise. At approximately 4:30-5:00AM Deborah and I hiked a beaten trail, with only the light of our cellphones to the highest point away from all of the tourist. Deborah never realized that I located us right in front of Amy, the “local sunrise photographer”. Our families were off to one side of the location and Deborah and I had found our own location to wrap up in a blanket and keep warm as the temperature were low and the winds were howling. Right as the sun rose over the crater and the sun began to shine, I pulled the ring box out of pack back and got down on one knee. The timing was perfect with just enough light and cloud and Amy was there to capture every moment of the proposal.

Special Thanks

Amy Jayne Photography
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