Debbie and Ross

How We Met: We met back in 2007 when we were on a school trip to Paris soon after returning Ross asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked: June 2015 – whilst holidaying in Mexico this year ross planned a romantic dinner on the beach to celebrate 8 years together. As we arrived for dinner the sun was just beginning to set and a candlelit path led the way to the beautiful White gazebo that looked out to the ocean. As the sun set on a beautiful dinner darkness fell and the stars were soon lighting up the sky.

Image 1 of Debbie and Ross

Knowing how much I love both the beach and the stars Ross suggested we take a walk along the beach after dinner. As we strolled along we took a break as we took in the beautiful scenery around us.

Image 2 of Debbie and Ross

Before I knew it there he was, the man I’ve known and loved for 8 years, down in one knee asking me to be his wife!!! How could any girl resist?!!

Image 3 of Debbie and Ross